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University Transitional Foam Headboards

A Twin XL dorm headboard is often overlooked when it comes to equipping your dorm bed with comfortable college bedding accessories. But, even though you aren't going to be resting on top of it or snuggling up underneath it, a college headboard can add much needed comfort and support to your extra long Twin bed. If you need to sit up on your dorm bed, you don't want to rest your back against a cold, hard dorm wall or an uncomfortable headboard, right? This is why these foam dorm headboard pillows are an essential dorm room item for all college students! These cushioned foam Twin XL headboard pillows give you a comfortable place to lean up against when you are hanging out on your dorm bed.
Not only will you be able to find the perfect college headboard to match your dorm room décor, but these comfortable Twin XL bed accessories also come with a convenient side pocket. The side pocket on these Twin extra long bed sized headboards is perfect for your glasses, remote, and your cell phone! Designed to be easy to add to your college dorm bed, these cushioned Twin XL headboard pillows help make dorm move-in day a breeze.
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