Do you have an article or story on college dorms or the latest, most-essential, must-have dorm room stuff? Are you seeking product or dorm information, quotes, images or an interview? No matter what your angle, if it has to do with college dorms, then Dorm Co can help. Dorm Co is the expert in college dorm rooms and looks forward to assisting with any collegiate dorm room media stories.

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About DormCo CEO Jeff Gawronski:
Like any qualified expert, Jeff Gawronski is no different with his expertise regarding college dorm supplies. His passion for "dorm stuff" is second to none. Entering the collegiate dorm industry came when Jeff Gawronski launched his first college dorm invention. The useful Bed Post Shelf was not only a much needed dorm room invention, it was also Jeff's launching pad into the industry. Jeff created the Bed Post Shelf while living in a dorm as a sophomore at Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH). The first invented shelves were homemade and sold on Xavier's campus. The product saw success, and soon Jeff was making his invention retail-ready. A few years post-graduation, the invention was poised for market success. In a quest to get his invention sold, Jeff traveled to almost every college bookstore and campus across the United States. Mr. Gawronski visited not only every bookstore, but while on campus he made sure to view and study every dorm room. What Jeff soon discovered were the similarities and differences among all the university living quarters. Further, the experience lead to an understanding of what college students really need in regard to supplies for living in a college dorm. Almost a decade after launching a successful dorm invention, gaining an expert level insight, and creating a highly successful college dorm supply superstore (Dorm Co), Mr. Gawronski is still finding ways to stay at the edge of what's most necessary for a fun, comfortable, and useful campus dorm room.

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