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Dorm Room Floor Pillows

In a small dorm room, it's important to utilize every single bit of space you can without overcrowding. So even though a dorm chair or college sofa will help add extra dorm seating to your room, you might not always have the space for that kind of college furniture. Luckily, our Rainha College Dorm Floor Pillows are a compact college seating option! These plush dorm floor cushions will add a soft spot to hang out on in your dorm room when you are sick of sitting on your extra long Twin bed or dorm desk chair. Best of all, when you aren't using one of these cozy dorm floor pillows, you can tuck it out of the way underneath your dorm bed. With so many colors to choose from you can find the right color oversized floor pillow for your girl's or guy's dorm decor.
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Rainha - Ultra Thick Tufted Floor Pillow - White White Plush Dorm Floor Cushion Puffy College Seating Floor Pillow Tufted Style Rainha - Ultra Thick Tufted Floor Pillow - Dark Brown Thick Extra Large Floor Pillow Space Saving Dorm Room Seating Ideas Black Tufted Pouf
Rainha - Puffy Tufted Floor Pillow - White
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Extra Large Floor Pouf Neutral Dorm Decor Oversized Pillow Cushion Small Space Seating Comfortable College Seating Navy Blue Tufted Dorm Floor Pillow Ultra Thick Tufted Style Oversized Pouf Tufted Floor Cushion Neutral Dorm Decor College Packing List for Guys or Girls Beautiful Purple College Tufted Floor Pillow Additional Cozy Dorm Seating Solutions
Space Saving Dorm Stuff Red Cushion Extra Large Floor Pillow Tufted Cool College Essentials Plush Dorm Room or College Apartment Floor Pillow Royal Navy Blue College Seating Oversized Floor Pouf Extra Large Cushion Brown Dorm Room Decor College Seating Pillow Extra Large Floor Cushion Dorm Room Seating Yellow College Decor Pouf Chair Sitting Pillow
These unique dorm floor pillows give you more college seating options in your dorm room. Made with cozy materials, these college floor pillows add extra seating cushions when you feel the need to sit on your dorm room floor. Available in neutral colors like black, white, or gray and fun colors like purple, blue, or green, you can find the perfect dorm room floor pillow to go with the rest of your cool dorm supplies. When you want to spend some quiet time in your dorm or if you have friends over, comfortable dorm seating pillows can make your dorm extra cozy!
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