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You can't head to college without a set of dorm bath towels and college washcloths. Dorm towel sets help you stay clean and dry, and they're essential dorm college supplies. However, you don't want just the bare dorm necessities to get you by. Dorm towels and college washcloths are dorm essentials that you need plenty of. Keep extra college towels and dorm washcloths handy because there will be times you don't want to or can't do laundry. DormCo offers a variety of colors and dorm towel sets so you can choose your favorite colors for your dorm necessities!
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White Bath Towel - Essence Collection High Quality Cotton Towel Set Cute Textured Towels Dorm Hand Towels Cotton Dorm Bathroom Essentials
White Bath Towel - Essence Collection
Student Discount Price $9.99
College Hand Towel (2-Pack)
Student Discount Price $6.99
When it comes to cheap college supplies and dorm necessities, DormCo has it! We have college towel and dorm washcloth sets for any graduating high school student heading off to college. Dorm life doesn't need college towels that cost $10 a pop, buy one of our cheap dorm sets and your bathroom dorm supplies will be complete with money left over for all the other dorm stuff that you'll need. Dorm washcloths and college towels are a college dorm essential and the more you have the less often you have to be bothered with doing your laundry!
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