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Compact College Sofas & Dorm Mini-Futons

Soft college seating is in short supply in university dorm rooms. Your college will provide you with your extra long Twin bed and dorm desk chair to sit on but, other than that, you're stuck with the cold, hard dorm floor. You're going to want other soft dorm seating options for when you have friends over and when you just want to relax and study somewhere comfortable. DormCo offers a variety of colors for our dorm mini-futon. Whether you want to match colors with the rest of your dorm room decor or you want to add a pop of color, you're sure to find a color you love in a cozy college seating option!
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College Dorm Room Sofa -Papasan Dorm Sofa - Black Save Space in Small Dorm Size Futon Cheap Dorm Room Setup Ideas for Guys Dorm Room Decorating Dorm Seating - Papasan Dorm Sofa - Pink -College Futon Comfy and Durable Dorm Sofa Coma Inducer Plush Yellow College Futon for Compact Dorm Rooms
Papasan Dorm Sofa - Black
Retail Price $299.99
Student Discount Price $228.31
College Mini-Futon - Dark Blue
Retail Price $379.99
Student Discount Price $348.62
Papasan Dorm Sofa - Pink
Retail Price $299.99
Student Discount Price $228.31
Coma Inducer® Mini-Futon - Pear Sorbet
Retail Price $398.99
Student Discount Price $377.80
Neutral Dorm Decor for Guys and Girls College Futon Off White Space Saving Folding Sofa Additional Dorm Room Seating Option Cozy Papasan Dorm Sofa Jasper Green Style
Papasan Dorm Sofa - Beige Taupe
Retail Price $299.99
Student Discount Price $228.31
Papasan Dorm Sofa - Jasper Green
Retail Price $299.99
Student Discount Price $228.31
Dorm room seating is always sparse. When friends come to hangout or come over for movie night, where are they going to sit? Add a dorm futon for college to your college supplies so that friends will have soft dorm seating and you'll have a place to nap. A cheap college futon also makes a great dorm seat for lounging or doing homework. Dorm room Mini-futons for college are also ideally sized to fit in small dorms. Dorm furniture, after all, can't be too bulky since you'll have plenty of other dorm stuff and college supplies that you'll need to fit. College futons for dorms are also perfectly reusable college products! Use them every year in college for a little extra comfort in your dorm room!
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