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Affordable Fans for College Dorms

No matter if you are going to college in a warmer state or a colder one up north, you'll want to have a dorm fan as part of your essential college supplies. Since dorm rooms are so small, they can easily feel stuffy. With a college fan creating air movement in your compact college space, you won't be left feeling hot all year round. We offer a variety of different sizes and even colors, so you can find the perfect dorm fan for your college dorm room!
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Small Dorm Room Fan Lamp Combination College Desk Light Adjustable Brightness Studying Supplies 6" Desktop Fan (2-in-1 Desk/Clip Fan) Cute Dorm Fan White and Blue USB Powered Fan with Clip Mount for College Dorm Room Desk Setup Quad Pod - 16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan Dorm Essential
Hanging Clip Light Fan - Dorm Room Fan
Student Discount Price $29.99
6" Clip Fan - White
Retail Price $17.99
Student Discount Price $16.98
4" Oscillating USB Clip Fan
Retail Price $21.99
Student Discount Price $16.98
Quad Pod - 16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan
Retail Price $49.99
Student Discount Price $39.65
Choose between fans that will stand on your dorm floor, smaller dorm fans that can rest on your dorm room furniture, or even compact handheld fans to use anywhere on your college campus. No matter where you might need a college fan, DormCo has you covered!
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