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Discounted Refurb Dorm Products

Save on cost and give refurbished dorm essentials new life with our Refurb & Save products! If we receive products back that show slight cosmetic damage, but are still usable, we want to give them a second chance. Although the dorm items in this section aren't completely perfect, they can still get the job done when you add them to your dorm supplies. Still functionable, but at a fraction of the cost of brand new dorm items, you can get all of your essential college supplies and still stay within your college friendly budget!
Sometimes good products get returned, but it's not their fault. At times, the item is no longer needed or perhaps it has a cosmetic scrape or scratch, but overall the product works as if it's brand new. Where do all those products go? A Landfill? That seems both senseless and wasteful. For this reason, we offer you a way to save cost and protect the environment with our Refurb & Save selection of dorm products. Sure the box won't look pretty and it maybe it doesn't provide the crisp feel of a new package, but what really matters is on the inside anyway, right? Choose to be practical with cost saving college supplies. Choose to help stop unnecessary additions to a landfill. Choose DormCo's Refurb & Save selection of College Dorm Supplies!
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