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With DormCo there are many ways to Connect. Our company believes in partnering up and joining independent strengths to create a successful union. Whether you are interested in becoming an affiliate, outfitting an entire University with residence hall room supplies or doing a small contest or giveaway as a blogger, DormCo values all of our connections. All requests to partner-up are given serious consideration, go under a review process and are replied to within 24-48 hours.

Standard Affiliates / Businesses / Social Media
Do you have a website or app that reaches potential DormCo customers? Are you a social media guru? Whether you are a business with a complimentary service / product or you are an individual with social media impact, DormCo welcomes you to Partner-up! The ways to connect are endless. They range from instant programs setting you up as an affiliate of DormCo, to the more involved programs including giveaways and coordinated co-branding. DormCo is open to your ideas and creative co-marketing proposals. To discuss partnership opportunities contact:

Launch your Affiliate Program (Instant Process - 4 Easy Steps)

  1. Create a DormCo Account. (Or if you have one first login: Account Set-up / Login)
  2. Sign-up by clicking and completing: Affiliate Sign-up (Cost is Free - Takes only 30 seconds!)
  3. You will be instantly approved! (Because who likes waiting?)
  4. Post your DormCo URL and Get PAID for your referred sales!
  • IMPORTANT: To get PAID you must use your unique URL
  • Locate your URL by going to: Admin Portal

To apply for commission rates higher than 5% or to Partner-up in an alternative way contact:


DormCo has successfully partnered with thousands of colleges and universities across the country.

Our College Bookstore Program provides bookstores with additional revenue through the sale of our College Dorm Supplies. The program offers bookstores an opportunity to sell Dorm Supplies online without inventory as well as in-store with inventory to meet the needs of all students. Contact:

Our Residence Life Program provides housing and residence life organizations the ability to supply incoming freshmen with supplies for campus living at affordable prices. This program has seen success through DormCo’s university branded stores. These stores are customized for each University Partner. Contact:

Our Bulk Purchase program is created for universities and those affiliated with universities the ability to purchase bedding and linens to incoming students at wholesale prices. Whether you need 30 bedding packages or 3000 bedding packages, DormCo provides your program with cost savings, fast shipping and reliable service, all with high quality, comfort focused college products. To request bulk order pricing submit your request at BULK ORDERING REQUEST FORM or email

Are you with a different group on or off campus? Let us know how you are interested in Partnering-up! Contact:

Bloggers / Vloggers
The Blogger / Vlogger community is a group that DormCo truly embraces. Each blogger or vlogger DormCo has worked with has shown a unique personality with informative reviews of DormCo products to their readers, subscribers and followers. It’s these useful reviews that make it possible for DormCo to supply free products for use in Blogger / Vlogger giveaways and contests. Contact:

New Product Suppliers

DormCo loves new products! Did you know that DormCo was founded from one product? The Bed Post Shelf was a niche dorm product that paved the way for what is now thousands of dorm supplies. When the big box retailers said ‘no’ to our shelf, we knew they were missing a big opportunity to fully reach the niche dorm product market. DormCo quickly learned that it wasn’t just our Bed Post Shelf that was snubbed by the big guys, but hundreds of other products that are uniquely needed by college students entering dorm life.

For every inventor and entrepreneur out there with a niche dorm product, we welcome you! We can’t promise we’ll purchase your product or sell thousands, but we can promise we’ll review your product, respond to your emails and actively consider your requests. Contact:

Helpful Tip: For all entrepreneurs out there giving it their all, remember it's not necessarily about the success that your current product will bring you but rather is more than likely about the "path" your current product sets you on. This "path" will often be what ultimately leads you to where you need to be.

DormCo Marketing
DormCo doesn’t partake in traditional advertising, instead we seek partners to advertise with. What does this mean? It means if your lead pitch is “What’s your advertising budget” you’ve come to the wrong store. DormCo doesn’t have an advertising budget. Our advertising is all about partnering up. If you have a magazine, a website, a blog, a school newspaper or any other forum that requests advertising we can absolutely partner-up, but we do so with a creative and win-win affiliate platform. Our Affiliate program makes sense. If your ability to reach our customer base is successful you’ll earn far more as an affiliate than what you’d earn charging a fee. Contact:

Interested in providing free samples or discounts of your product or service to give to DormCo customers? Our 17-19 year old customer demographic values the ability to test products and services at no cost or deeply discounted levels. For this reason DormCo offers NO COST ADVERTISING for your free samples or discount promotions. To apply to have your product or service sampled within DormCo customer orders (shipments) please contact us to review your offer. Contact:

Advertise with

Seeking to reach our 17-19 year old demographic without sampling? Contact:
Marketing options include, but are not limited to:

  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Homepage Banners
  • Creative Co-Promotion

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