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Necessary Dorm Items - College Student First Aid Kits

A useful dorm medicine kit with all your first aid essentials is a must-have for every single college student! You can stay safe and healthy in your dorm room and bring your parents some peace of mind when you have easy access to all the important first aid necessities. Our college dorm emergency kits range from basic first aid kits to full reusable medical bags, so you can be prepared for any medical accident at college. Whether you just need a simple portable first aid kit for your backpack, or a larger medical tin box to keep in your dorm bathroom, you can choose the emergency bag for school that fits your needs.
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Dorm Room Essentials Tin - Medical and First Aid Kit - 90 PC
Retail Price $54.99
Student Discount Price $39.99
First Aid Storage Box
Student Discount Price $19.99
Incoming freshmen often forget to bring important dorm items like emergency box kits! A dorm medical kit is a useful high school graduation gift for boys and girls alike. Our dorm medicine kits include affordable first aid supplies such as college band aids and safe antibacterial wipes so your college student can easily take care of minor cuts or scrapes. Ease your anxiety about your kids going to college when you know they will be safe in their dorm room!
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