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You are about to embark on your next journey in life: College Dorm Living

Are you excited for this next chapter, but worried about a few things? Moving into a new place and meeting all new people can be stressful, but at least we can make shopping for your dorm room fun, stress-free, and can help you save a little, too! At DormCo, we have a variety of products to choose from when you need to shop for your college dorm essentials. With cozy bedding, headboards, bedskirts, stylish bookshelves, organizers, versatile dorm trunks, and so much more, you can find everything that you need for your new home away from home.

In today’s online shopping world, we know there are some stores that literally have every product, but you don’t need every product. What you need is a curated selection of college dorm bedding, college organizers, and supplies that are specifically made for dorm life! DormCo’s mission is to provide you with only college essentials designed for dorms. After all, why search through a ton of products that aren’t made specifically for dorm rooms? You can trust DormCo to provide dorm-centric products that you actually need at the lowest cost. Since we are based in Buffalo, NY and Nashville, TN, you aren’t waiting for any goods to ship directly from China and can have them on time and as expected for move-in day. When you choose DormCo, you can trust that our USA based team understands the importance of each and every dorm product we offer.

Let’s get back to dorm-centric. What makes dorm living so special? For starters, a dorm bed is most often sized Twin XL. Longer than standard Twin beds, these college sized beds require Twin extra long sheets, mattress pads, and comforters. Plus, the university provided wooden beds require specific bed skirts, underbed storage, bed risers, and headboards, all of which DormCo carries. Beyond bedding, we have seating options to fit small dorms, bookshelves made for college sized desks, privacy products to create your own space, specific dorm closet organization, and so much more! DormCo has built a reputation on providing unique and useful dorm supplies since 2010.

It must cost a fortune, right?! Wrong! Super Wrong! DormCo’s second mission is to provide the best quality at the lowest price possible. We want you, the customer, to look at our pricing and say “how do they do that?!” Couple our pricing with $2.95 shipping and we have no doubt you’ll be impressed. Save that extra money for your course materials or late night college pizza! How we are able to offer such low pricing is simple. At DormCo, we understand that you need a lot of stuff because you are most likely moving away from home for the first time! The one thing that DormCo can do that the big box stores can’t do is ship your entire order condensed in 1-2 boxes. That’s right, an order of 10 - 20 items anywhere else would ship in 10-20 boxes. Shipping in so many boxes can’t be free, or even $’s going to be expensive, and somebody has to foot the bill! Since those other stores ship in multiple boxes, this extra shipping cost equals higher prices for customers. At DormCo, the shipping costs are reduced significantly by condensing your order in as few boxes as possible. Beyond this saving on shipping costs, it also saves the environment. It is ridiculous to have so much box waste and added fuel waste to ship more boxes when everything can fit into 1 or 2 boxes. DormCo’s USA warehouse team gets the job done to reduce the carbon footprint of your order!

Reputation Matters. Since March 2010, has made a positive impact on the lives of high school graduates going off to live in a college dorm. We have a dedicated staff for customer service assistance and two fully stocked warehouses, all based in the USA. DormCo products are designed for college dorm living and we have been providing dorm supplies for over 10 years! More than just a side business or a quick summer time seasonal sales event...We live and breathe dorm. We know college and sincerely care about making your move from home to school the best it can be.

You’ve chosen the perfect college or university, now let us help you choose the perfect supplies for your dorm room!


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