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Bed Post Shelf
Bed Post Shelf - Keeps College Stuff Handy When You Need It


Bed Post Shelf

Top Features include:
  • Keeps your bedside items within reach
  • Great for holding alarm clocks, drinks, eye glasses, TV remotes & pens/highlighters
  • Works on all Dorm Bed Posts (Friction Clamp Design Won't Harm Posts)
  • Attachments included work on metal, wooden, circular & square bed posts
**Check out the video below to see the bed post shelf perfect for your dorm bed! Durable and useful, which is a must.**
Retail Price $17.99
Student Discount Price $12.59
You Save: $5.40
Dorm Co. Tip: Jumping out of bed for your phone is not an option
Dimensions: 11" x 6" tray

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: FG-BPS

Our Bed Post Shelf is a must have dorm supplies product for any student that has a bunk bed, loft bed or just doesn't have room for a nightstand. This useful dorm accessory is simple, yet it provides such a basic need. If you sleep up high you can't have a bedside table and if your room is small you may not have one anyway,... so what do you do? Because jumping in and out of bed to turn off your alarm clock, put your drink down, get the TV remote or just answer your cell phone are all not realistic options, you need our Bed Post Shelf.

Keep everything within reach by adding our Bed Post Shelf to your dorm checklist!

How it works:
The shelf works by a friction clamp design that allows it to clamp on any dorm room bedpost. Whether your post is wooden and square or circular and metal our Bed Post Shelf will work. This clamp style design won't harm your university bed as it is completely removable and can be repositioned. What's great is how this useful shelf can solve the need of keeping your items bedside!

History Lesson: DormCo sells a lot of unique and custom products that you can't find anywhere else, but did you know the Bed Post Shelf is a patented invention by the founder of DormCo? That's right, this handy shelf was invented by DormCo's founder when he was in college as a Sophomore and was patented soon after. Patent # 6,748,874 was truly started by a college student who had an idea and did something about it!

So next time you sit in your dorm, dream up the next great invention, use the Bed Post Shelf as inspiration and take the steps to make your idea come to reality!
The perfect addition to your dorm bed! An accessory that you cannot go without! Watch our video to see just how useful and durable it is!

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