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Suprima® Over the Bed Shelf Supreme - White
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Over the Bed Shelf Supreme - White

Top Features include:
  • Durable white epoxy finish - Large size but still practical for dorms
  • Designed for lightweight storage; not recommended for large items such as mini-fridges, microwaves, or printers
  • Includes a leveler, swivel cup holder, and hook set for keeping your dorm essentials neatly stored and within arm's reach
  • Wire frame shelves minimize dust, and are adjustable in 1 inch increments

Retail Price $149.99
Student Discount Price $119.99
You Save: $30.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Supreme shelving provides ever-useful sturdy storage

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Add Side Basket - Desk Accessory?

Your college dorm room is pretty tight on space, but with the right dorm furniture, you can create more practical college storage space that actually looks cool as a part of your dorm decor! Utilizing vertical space in your college dorm room can help save previous floor space and make your dorm feel more open and comfortable as your home away from home. This sleek dorm organizer has a slim profile, and rises over your Twin XL college bed to smartly utilize as much practical dorm storage space as possible. Plus, with a durable carbon steel construction, this useful college essential is sure to last semester after semester, and even beyond your college career!

This sturdy college accessory features two main dorm shelves to hold all of your lightweight dorm supplies like your college textbooks, college notebooks, and even your dorm alarm clock. These wire college shelves have an open style, but you can also add your own dorm storage boxes and college bin organization for more private, hidden college storage. This practical dorm essential goes above and beyond other basic dorm shelving units and includes two sets of hooks to hang your college backpack, jacket, hoodie, and other hangable college supplies. Plus, this college storage unit also features a swivel cup holder so you can keep a bottle of water or can of soda easily within arms reach in your Twin XL dorm bed!

Wire Shelves (2 pieces): 14" x 44"
3 Side Wire Guard (1 piece): 20" x 44"
Posts (4 Pieces): 67"

(2) Wire Shelves
(1) 3 Sided Wire Guard
(4) Posts
Swivel Cup Holder
Hook Set

Suprima® Over the Bed Shelf Supreme - White

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