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Plush College Clothing

After your shower, cover up with our one of a kind Brotoga® college robe coats or our Bear Booty® furry dorm shorts! These unique college clothing items will cover you in comfortable plush after your trip to the dorm showers. And not only are these plush dorm clothing items perfect for after the shower, you can also wear them anywhere! Throw on your Brotoga® or your Bear Booty® shorts when you are going to a dorm party or an outdoor college sporting event. No matter where you rock these furry college accessories, you'll be the envy of everyone around thanks to the look and the feel of these awesome college clothes.
Make the trip between your college room and the dorm showers like a walk on the catwalk with some unique dorm clothing. Our Brotoga® dorm robe coats and Bear Booty® college plush shorts will easily make a statement wherever you wear them and the soft plush comfort will make sure you stay cozy, even when you aren't on your Twin extra long bedding. Just choose the perfect color of furry plush college clothing and enjoy CAAE (Comfort Above All Else) which comes with our one of a kind Brotoga® and Bear Booty® college supplies!
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