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Brotoga® - American Buffalo - Baller Version
Red, White and Blue American Buffalo Brotoga® Baller Version


Brotoga® - American Buffalo - Baller Version

Top Features include:
  • Huge, Warm & Cozy... Brotoga® with a Hoodie!
  • Includes (5) Toggle Buttons, Hood with Drawstring, 2 Exterior Pockets and 1 Interior Pocket - Features patriotic Red back and arms, cozy White inner lining, and Blue front.
  • It's a robe, it's a coat, it's a wear it when you want to be cozy soft! Wear in the dorms, to a party, to an outdoor event - anywhere!
  • Long, ultra plush fibers on the outside reversing to super soft coral fleece on the inside.... Thick, Heavy Warmth Luxury.
The Brotoga® is the first ever originally designed "Robe Coat" made with the intention to represent the absolute highest level of CAAE (Comfort Above All Else). Without CAAE what do you really have?

See Size Chart Below!

The Brotoga® is a Original Trademarked product

Student Discount Price $60.00

Dorm Co. Tip: Stay warm on cool nights with the Brotoga.

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: J15-001C-RWB


The American Buffalo Brotoga® colors were inspired by both a love for America and a love for football.

Born in Buffalo, NY the Brotoga® knows how to handle cold weather. Believe it or not some people actually say, "the Brotoga is too warm"... but when up against zero degree temperatures and wind chills in the negative degrees the Brotoga
® is proud to take on the insult,... er we mean compliment "It's too warm"!

When it comes to staying warm, the Brotoga® is the way to go! Celebrate winter and live the CAAE lifestyle. What is the CAAE lifestyle? It means you believe in Comfort Above All Else, and the American Buffalo - Baller Version Brotoga® is an essential item for this mindset. Featuring a patriotic red back and arms, white inner lining, and blue front, this Brotoga® is for anyone looking to stay warm, comfy and celebrate America or playoff Football!

Who doesn't hate waking up in their cozy and warm dorm bed knowing that they will have to go out and brave the freezing cold elements? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wrap yourself in warmth without carrying your comforter with you? Whether you are at home, in the dorms, at the office or going out with friends, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have CAAE. So often you see people out in the cold and snow huddled up and freezing because they decided to go with what looked good over what would help keep them warm. Why not get a Robe Coat that does both? That's right a Robe Coat! The Brotoga® is the first ever Robe that can be worn as a Coat and Coat that can be worn as a Robe. The Brotoga® offers you options of maximum comfort.

Complete with 5 toggle buttons and a hood with a drawstring to keep you snug, the American Buffalo - Baller Version Brotoga® also has 2 exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket for your use. Long, ultra plush fibers make up the outside of this fully American Robe Coat while the inside is made up of super soft coral fleece. The Brotoga® is a winter warmth essential when it comes to comfort and style.

Size Chart:
XS - For children who want to experience the Brotoga®
M - For girls or smaller guys who want the Brotoga® experience

L - For the average guy or girl who wants a Brotoga®
XL - Bigger than your average guy - 6ft+ or those that want an oversized Brotoga®
XXL - Pro Football/Basketball players, athletes, big boys

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