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USD Starter Pack
USD Starter Pack


USD Starter Pack

Top Features include:
  • 13 Piece College Dorm Package
  • Provides some of the basic necessities for your college dorm bed!
  • Includes: Twin XL Sized Comforter, 3PC Sheet Set, Bed Blanket, Mattress Topper, Towel, and Washcloths
  • All sizes Twin Long to fit Dorm Twin XL Beds

Student Discount Price $124.40

Dorm Co. Tip: Package Sets SAVE $$$

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: STARTER-A-USD

Choose Your TXL Comforter

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When you're moving to college there's a lot of bedding and basics that you'll need. Our USD Starter Pack is your best solution for a quick and easy college shopping experience. This package covers the essential bedding items you'll need to make your college dorm room comfortable. Start by choosing from our wide selection of extra long comforters and Twin XL sheet sets to create a cozy surface for your dorm bed. You can opt for neutral solids or bring some brightness to your dorm room decor with bold colors and designs. A bedding topper is essential for adding some cushion to what can otherwise be a thin and uncomfortable dorm mattress. This basic kit also includes a super plush bed blanket for added comfort and warmth when studying or sleeping. With these basic dorm bedding essentials, you're guaranteed the best sleep you'll ever have in college.

But the benefits don't stop there! Asides from your college bedding supplies, this package comes with a bath towel and some washcloths. You'll still want to purchase a shower tote or caddy to make trips to the shared bathroom easier, but these shower basics are the first step in getting together everything you'll need. Some essential bedding basics and more are included in this Starter Pack to help you make the most of your college experience.

Starter Pack Includes:
  • Choose Your TXL Comforter - A comfortable dorm bed start starts with a cozy, high quality comforter. DormCo offers a variety of soft to the touch Twin XL comforters to create the perfect sleeping environment in your dorm room. From our Supersoft Microfiber and our 100% 300TC Cotton comforters, to our exclusive Textured & Plush Comforters, you'll find a style and color that suits all your needs. All of our comforters are sized 90"L to perfectly fit on Twin XL dorm beds.
    • Microfiber: Our supersoft Microfiber comforters for college are unbelievably comfortable with a softer than cotton feel. Available in either a solid color or reversible, these comforters add versatility and style to your dorm room decor.
    • Texture: Soft textured fabric surrounding a thick inner fill make these Textured comforters an elegant addition to your dorm bedding. From Pin Tucks to Handcrafted Details, we have all the gorgeous, eye catching styles needed to enhance the look and feel of your college bed.
    • Designer: The bold pattern and vibrant colors of our designer Twin XL comforters are just what you need to create a lively environment in your dorm room.
    • 100% Cotton: Choose between 300TC or 400TC. Either way, our 100% cotton comforters provide a silky soft, natural feel and a restful night's sleep. And since cotton draws heat away from your body, you won't feel too hot at night. Whichever option you choose, know that you're opting for the softest comforter and an unforgettable sleeping experience.
    • Plush - Coma Inducer: The softest, most plush Twin XL college comforters you can find. Our Coma Inducer Comforters are the warmest dorm bedding around, meaning you won't be cold on cool nights when you're wrapped up in one of these comforters on your dorm bed!
    • Luxury: Reward yourself with thick, luxurious bedding crafted from the finest materials - including Down Fill or our Top Selling Bare Bottom and Natural Loft brands. Make your dorm bed a place of utmost comfort and quality with a Luxury Comforter that will make your Twin XL sized bed incredibly cozy.
  • Choose Your TXL Sheet Set - Every college student needs soft sheets to cover their dorm bed. Included in this package are (1) fitted sheet, (1) flat sheet and (1) pillow case to provide a comfortable surface to lie on. Choose among our supersoft microfiber sheet sets or upgrade to cotton or luxury plush. All are sized for a Twin Extra Long dorm bed and guaranteed to fit! Best of all, our sheet sets are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring a cozy feel to your dorm bed.
    • Microfiber Supersoft: Made of the same material as our Reversible Twin XL and Pin Tuck College Comforters, our Microfiber Supersoft bed sheets are softer than cotton for extra comfort that will keep you cozy every night.
    • 100% Cotton: Natural 300TC or 400TC cotton bed sheets in Brushed Twill or Sateen give your dorm bed a refreshing touch - meaning your dorm sheets will feel silky soft. We even offer the finest Cotton Sheets made in Portugal. Not to mention cotton is hypoallergenic and breathable, perfect for sensitive skin types.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: These double layered coral fleece bed sheets provide an overload of comfort on your Twin XL dorm bed. Immerse yourself in a luxuriously soft comfort for a quality night's sleep and drift off into dreamland.
    • Coma Inducer: The warmest, most plush dorm bed sheets, offering incredible warmth and comfort that you have to feel to believe! With a set of our Coma Inducer sheets on your dorm bed you'll have a hard time getting up for class!
    • Are You Kidding: These bedding sheets are ridiculously thick for a comfort you'll immediately want to sink into. The fitted sheet and pillow case are made of super soft coral fleece, while the flat sheet is made of thick, wild plush and coral fleece. What's certain is that these sheets will have your jaw dropping in no time.
    • Luxury: Choose from a wide variety of colors available in our Bare Bottom brand Twin XL sheets for silky softness. Elegance and comfort combined is rare to find in dorm bedding, but with these luxury sheets infused with spandex you can invest a little more in your quality of sleep.
  • Choose Your TXL Bed Blanket - Quality dorm bedding is incomplete without the perfect bed blanket. Our selection of various fleece, plush or fiber options offer the highest level of comfort on your Twin XL dorm bed. No matter which blanket you decide on, add an extra layer of comfort to your college bedding.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: Incredibly soft, incredibly comfy. Made of a smooth coral fleece, our Me Sooo Comfy dorm blanket is designed for a layer of comfort that you won't expect in regular dorm bedding. So get ready to cuddle up with this blanket for a movie night or study session in your dorm room!
    • Coma Inducer: An unbelievably soft dorm blanket that is essential for comfort and warmth on cool nights. Made of thick plush this blanket is thick and cozy, but will also add to your dorm room decor!
    • Baby Bird Twin Blanket: When leaving the nest, the best thing for a new college student to have in their dorm room is comfortable dorm bedding. These soft and cozy Twin XL blankets are designed for ultimate comfort!
  • Choose Your TXL Topper - Unlike your bed at home, your dorm bed is a standard mattress that may at times be flimsy, lumpy, and downright uncomfortable. Our Bed Toppers range from our basic foam egg crate to our ultra thick and plush featherbeds and memory foam toppers. Choose the quality that best fits your sleep needs and budget.
    • Egg Crate: This basic egg crate topper is zoned for weight dispersion for your comfort and support.
    • Memory Foam: Available in 1", 2", and 3" - choose the option that works best for you! Our Memory Foam toppers offer sink-in, soft comfort and support with the highest quality densities.
    • Gel Infused Memory Foam: Available in 2". Gel infused for enhanced support, this memory foam egg crate is zoned for weight dispersion and has a 2.5 lbs density for incredible support.
    • Serene Foam: Available in 2" and 3". Supportive Air Technology provides greater support! Serene foam reduces stress on pressure points from your Twin XL college mattress with the same technology that reduces the amount of heat retained.
    • Baffle Box Featherbed: This bed topper comes with a thick layer of feather cushioning for a comfortable sleep. The baffle box construction prevents the duck or goose feathers from shifting, providing a consistently thick and comfortable Twin XL bed topper.
    • Down Top Featherbed: The top component of this Twin XL Bed Topper is filled with down for comfort and softness, while feathers and a down blend make up the bottom component for support and firmness. Both the duck or goose featherbed options have a baffle box construction to prevent the inner fill from shifting.
    • Coma Inducer: The names for our high quality Coma Inducer Twin XL toppers will tell you everything you need to know about these luxurious comfortable college bedding toppers. Choose the Spoon Me, Love Your Back, or Drools A Lot for the best night's sleep you could ever dream of.
  • Choose Your Bath Towel - These 100% cotton bath towels are available in a range of quantities and color options so you have exactly what you need to start college out right. Choose from as few as one towel or upgrade to a 6-Pack that includes 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, and 2 Wash Cloths to cover all of your basics.
  • Choose Your Wash Cloths - Go with our standard 6-pack of cotton wash cloths or upgrade to our available 12-pack so you have what you need to start college out strong. These Cotton Washcloths have a super plush and soft touch that you need while washing the delicate skin on your face. Make sure you have a few of these dorm essentials in your dorm room storage for when you aren't able to wash your laundry right away.

**All items are Twin XL, which means they fit standard dorm beds that are 80" in Length**

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