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DormCo offers super comfortable XL Twin Comforters for dorm rooms in great colors that add to dorm room decor. These Twin XL College Comforters are made of 100% Cotton which is a great dorm bedding material. Cotton is a natural fabric that draws heat away from your body so that you won't be too warm at night. Plus if you have allergen concerns or sensitive skin, cotton is a fantastic natural fabric that will keep you comfortable and not irritate your skin. Our 100% Cotton XL Twin Bedding is incredibly comfortable with a silky soft feel that will help you always have a quality night's sleep.
You really can't go wrong with our 100% Cotton Twin XL Comforters. These dorm bedding comforters provide plenty of comfort and are made from natural material. Cotton comforters are more breathable than other fabrics and are also easy to clean. So when you're looking for your Twin XL College Comforter, consider all the advantages cotton offers. You might also appreciate that cotton is a natural material; it's always nice when your dorm bedding is made from a natural material. Plus, cotton is a durable fabric, so your bedding for college will last beyond your first year at college.
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