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College dorm rooms are not exactly known for being the most spacious. To make up for what little room you have, it helps to be savvy with the space you are given. Fortunately, DormCo's Trunks with Cushion Seating tackle several common dorm room issues at once: Storage, seating, and style. The large compartment is well-sized to store your college essentials while the cushioned lid creates a comfortable seating arrangement for you to lounge around with your friends. And don't forget the rustic design that adds to your dorm room's décor! These cushion seaters are definitely proof that the most functional dorm room furniture has multiple purposes.
If you want to have room for your essential dorm supplies and stylish dorm room decor, then a college trunk is a must have dorm item. The cushion seater style of these unique college items gives you the benefit of a useful dorm trunk, comfy college seating, and a place to store your college essentials, all rolled into one. Plus, the rustic look of these one of a kind college trunks will help enhance the look of your dorm décor. With such little space available to you in your dorm room, college furniture that is stylish, handy, and functional is essential.
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