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Here you will find DormCo's selection of Texture® Collegiate Trunks. Each dorm trunk has textured fabric wrapped around the college trunk with riveted details around the edges for an accent that adds even more to your dorm room decor. These dorm trunks are available in a set or you can separate them for the amount of dorm room storage you need. Moving into a college dorm room without additional dorm storage solutions will greatly reduce when you can bring. You don't want to leave your dorm necessities at home - make sure you have what you need and keep it neatly stored in our Texture® Collegiate Trunks.
A small college dorm room needs two things - extra dorm room storage and plenty of dorm room decor. With our selection of Texture® Collegiate Trunks, you can add both to your dorm room! Our Texture® Collegiate Trunks have a classic fabric style and are available in a variety of colors to add to your dorm room decor and will allow you to store your extra clothes, books, and other dorm essentials.

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