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Laundry Soap Sheets - Pack of 50
Laundry Soap Sheets - Pack of 50

Laundry Soap Sheets - Pack of 50

Top Features include:
  • Pack of 50 laundry soap sheets that dissolve instantly with water
  • Use when you're traveling or camping to wash clothes in a sink or stream
  • 3-1-1 Carry On Compliant
  • Perfect for those who love to camp and travel and there's no need to lug a heavy detergent bottle around
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Student Discount Price $2.99
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Product Code: GH3-5-2-02096

You'll be seeing—and maybe contributing to—plenty of spilled liquid laundry soap that will turn those dorm laundry room's floors blue. You'll have to lug a heavy bottle of liquid detergent every time you do laundry, only to spill half of it on the floor if you're not careful! So instead of making laundry in college such a messy and trying experience, pack some Laundry Soap Sheets - Pack of 50 as part of your college laundry supplies. These sheets dissolve easily, and they're much lighter than big bottles of laundry soap. Plus, it's hard to make a mess spilling these convenient little sheets.

Washing your clothes in college is hardly the most exciting dorm life activity, but you can make it that much more exciting with these novel Laundry Soap Sheets. Since they're so much smaller than bottles of liquid soap, you can put them right in your pocket or in a zippered compartment of your dorm laundry bag. Cool college supplies are what make dorm life more fun! And even though it's just laundry, your dorm laundry supplies should make the process of doing laundry more convenient ... and even more fun.

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