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The Mini Shelf Supreme - Suprima® Adjustable Shelving
The Mini Shelf Supreme - Adjustable Shelving Dorm Room Storage Ideas


The Mini Shelf Supreme - Suprima® Adjustable Shelving - Black

Top Features include:
  • Durable black epoxy finish - Large size but still practical for dorms
  • Adjustable shelves hold cooking supplies or electronics with space underneath for your mini fridge
  • No tools required for assembly - feet can adjust for uneven floors!
  • Wire frame minimizes dust and allows venting for electronics
  • Add optional wooden shelf liners with veneer top for a polished look that will prevent your dorm essentials don't fall through the bars!

Retail Price $99.90
Student Discount Price $84.40
You Save: $15.50

Dorm Co. Tip: Supreme shelving provides ever-useful sturdy storage
Dimensions: 52"H x 24"W x 18"D

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: ADJS-MINI-BLK

Add Shelf Liners?

Add Side Basket - Desk Accessory?

Add Shelf Pouch?

Add Extra Wire Shelf?

Add Supreme Shelving?

Your college cafe food may be good, bad or somewhere in between. Whichever one it is, you are still going to want options in your college dorm room for food and snacks. You may have decided that you definitely want a dorm mini-fridge and dorm microwave, but where to store your microwave without losing too much space in your dorm room may have stressed you out a little bit. Have no fear, DormCo is here with The Mini Shelf Supreme - Suprima® Adjustable Shelving! You can adjust the shelving in our Suprima® Mini Shelf Supreme to wherever you need it to be- close together or far apart, the choice is yours!

Cooking items can be those dorm items that never really have a place. When you have company, they may get thrown behind your closet door and when you don't have company, they may find a home wherever there's an empty spot. With our Suprima® Mini Shelf Supreme, you can avoid all of that and have plenty of dorm storage at the same time! Our Suprima® Mini Shelf Supreme has two adjustable shelves to fit any dorm mini-fridge under the shelving and even have some space on top of the mini-fridge for dorm items! The two shelves adjust to hold your microwave, coffee pot, and your cooking utensils so that you can keep everything organized. Having similar items organized in a designated area will cut down on your stress- do you really want to dig through your closet before class to find your fork because it was thrown in there the night before? With your cooking items organized on our
Suprima® Mini Shelf Supreme, you don't have to be late to class because you couldn't find your fork!

Speaking of not being able to find your fork, you can also add our wooden shelves with veneer top to your
Suprima® Mini Shelf Supreme for an extra solid base for your dorm microwave sit on! The wooden shelf can sit in the center of the shelf while allowing you room around the edges to hang your dorm hand towels and other college supplies!

Need more college shelving space for your favorite snacks, dorm cooking utensils, and whatever other college supplies you need a home for? Add on additional
Suprima® Shelving for even more useful dorm shelves! This college dorm shelving option will help your black Suprima® Mini Shelf Supreme provide even more essential dorm storage and is made with the same durable construction and easy to assemble design.

52"H x 24"W x 18"D
Each shelf has been weight tested up to 65 lbs.

4 pieces 52"H posts
24"W x 18"D Side Rail
2 pieces 24"W x 18"D Adjustable Wire Shelves

Optional Add Ons:
Wooden / Plastic Shelf Liner: These wooden shelf liners or durable plastic liners cover the wire shelves to provide added stability to make it easy to stack smaller items and appliances.
Side Basket: Two metal hooks attach this deep basket to your Shelf Supreme for additional storage.
Shelf Pouch: This durable black pouch has velcro loops to attach where you need some extra organization. Three pockets are ideal for electronics and cords, or storing kitchen essentials near your mini-fridge.
Extra Wire Shelf: This additional 18" x 24" wire shelf provides more versatility and organization to your shelving unit.
Supreme Shelving: This add-on offers additional storage that can be attached to either side of your Mini Shelf Supreme for better organization.

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