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Longer than Long - Coma Inducer® Plush Blanket - Desert Taupe
Longer than Long - Coma Inducer Plush Blanket - Desert Taupe


Longer than Long - Coma Inducer® Plush Blanket - Desert Taupe

Top Features include:
  • Unbelievably oversized blanket - 15 FT Long... That's Longer than Long!
  • Soft, Ultra Cozy Plush for truly cozy bedding for your dorm or apartment
  • Use on your TXL bed for added warmth and simple but stylish dorm décor
  • Ideal for lounging with friends - big enough to never battle for the blanket

Student Discount Price $158.18
Dorm Co. Tip: Add soft bedding to your dorm bed
Dimensions: 115" x 180" - That's 15 FEET Long!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: W1W-B-LONG-DTPE

Inspired by our obsession with creating the biggest, best, and coziest bedding possible. Nothing is worse than having a great blanket that's just too small! It's the worst having to fight over who gets to be warm or dealing with freezing cold feet dangling out of the end of your blanket! It doesn't matter how soft your blanket is, if it's too short it's no good! Our Longer than Long Coma Inducer® blanket is truly RECORD BREAKING. Measuring 180" (15 ft!) in length, you won't find a longer blanket out there! If you do, let us know and we'll remove our claim!! That said, for right now we have the record beat by a full 3 ft in length! Coupled with the longest length is 115" (9.5 ft) of width to ensure complete coverage for your king sized bed or long couch. Now, if you know Coma Inducer®, then you know we care deeply about providing the coziest experience with the softest hand feel. That's right, it's an "experience" to be so cozy when wrapped up in a Coma Inducer®. Our plush levels for Longer than Long start at 430 GSM. The yarn count and knit process matter too and we can assure you that Longer than Long is a best-in-class blanket that creates a one-of-a-kind sleep experience.

All dorm rooms are different, but the average dorm room size is around 12 feet by 19 feet. With that in mind, is it crazy to choose the Longer Than Long - Coma Inducer® Plush Blanket - Desert Taupe when it measures approximately 9.5 feet by 15 feet? We get it, that definitely seems excessive, but can you really ever have too much comfort, especially when you move away from home to a strange dorm room? At DormCo, we think the more cozy college supplies you have in your dorm room, the better! Don't shy away from this extra large blanket, it can provide you with the perfect cocoon of coziness when you want to take a break from the hectic life of a college student.

Despite the large size of this neutral taupe blanket, you can still use it on your extra long Twin sized dorm bed (just fold it up a time or two) and you and your college roommate can easily use it when you're hanging out in your dorm room. The big size of this oversized blanket means more comfort for anyone who is in your college dorm and, luckily, it's the perfect color to match your college decor and dorm furniture, because it will definitely stick out thanks to its extended dimensions. This extra long and extra wide plush dorm blanket will provide you with enough comfort to stay cozy throughout the college semester and the neutral color of this taupe dorm essential helps it blend in with the rest of your dorm room... it's a win-win!

Oversized Dimensions: 115" x 180"
Care Instructions: Machine Washable - Gentle Cycle / Cold Wash

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