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Here you will find DormCo's great selection of Decorative Sheer Dorm Curtains. These curtains are sheer so they let in light while allowing you to have a little privacy. Plus we carry a variety of really cute and gorgeous designs, so they will add to your dorm room decor as well! From Bright Pink Glitter designs to more subdued beach and summer prints, you're guaranteed to find a Sheer Dorm Curtain that you will want as part of your dorm essentials. Actually, you'll probably find a few which is okay because you can add a variety of patterns to your dorm window for unique dorm room decor!
Who knew dorm curtains could add so much to your dorm room decor! This section holds a lot of gorgeous decorative sheer dorm curtains that you will fall in love with! We have bright, bold patterns and we have subdued patterns and everything in between to help you create the perfect dorm room decor for your college dorm room. College curtains are a dorm essential, so add some gorgeous decorative sheer dorm curtains to your college supplies and have a one of a kind dorm room that will awe your friends.
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