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Here you will find DormCo's selection of Black & White Series Trunks with Drawers. Available with either bottom drawers or side drawers and a lidded large storage compartment, you can keep all of your extra dorm essentials organized in this dorm storage solution. The design of this dorm essentials item allows you to keep it under your bed with dorm bed risers or in your college closet on the floor - anywhere you have some extra space. Your college dorm room won't have dorm room storage available for your seasonal clothes, cooking supplies, and other dorm necessities. Keep those extra dorm necessities stored in a dorm storage solution like our dorm trunks with drawers.
A dorm trunk is a basic dorm supplies item you don't want to go to college without. You need to ensure all of your dorm essentials have a home, not just some of your dorm essentials. With our Black & White Series Trunks with Drawers, you can ensure that each dorm item has it's own home and that your dorm room looks great and is well organized.

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