Ready Your Dorm Room for College Life's Fast Pace

From meeting so many new people to taking classes at all hours of the day and evening, dorm living and college life unfold at a fast, unpredictable pace. Your dorm room, and the dorm supplies it contains, should help you be prepared. While some days college life will fly by amid your whirlwind of activity, it offers an enduring lesson: be prepared.
Though you'll spend plenty of time meeting people and having fun, college is college, and that means schoolwork, exams, reading and all other activities will keep you plenty busy. Even if you're a quick worker, it's enough to tire any student out. But fear not. Your dorm room should be maxed out as the ultimate comfortable sleeping zone. To do so, it has to be prepped for two essential but different sleeping styles: the full night's rest and the nap.

Comfortable dorm bedding will get you more than your share of great night's sleep, but the nap is a different element. If you change into your PJs and climb into bed for a nap, you risk not waking up until next week. So stay above the covers and toss a nice soft blanket or throw over you. better yet, curl up on the dorm futon. Our college futons are comfy enough for that quick nap needed to get you through the day. And since napping is a daytime activity, keep your dorm room nice and dark with blackout curtains- you'll really feel like you're sleeping in a cave. And if your roommate is around and needs the room lit, put on your mask- no, no, not your Batman mask, silly- a sleeping mask! It may be noon, but trust us, your eyes won't know the difference.

Hopefully you were able to visit your school and even sample the on-campus cafeteria food. If it was good, that's great. If not, be prepared to load up your room with dorm snacks. Despite having bought plenty of meal passes to your school's grub station, you'll quickly find that eating becomes a sporadic, on-the-go activity. Stocking shelves with all sorts of dorm binge foods is a quick solution, but hey, there's still plenty of basic-level cooking and eating to be had in your living quarters. A small grill can be great for making sandwiches and breakfast foods right in your dorm room- just be sure to check that it's permitted to use in your dorm room. A hot pot will let you easily make soup, instant noodles, or even mac 'n cheese. And who said you couldn't eat healthy? Whip up a smoothie with a blender for a mid-day boost or healthy breakfast. When it comes to eating well, these items are dorm essentials!

You might find you study and concentrate best in your school's library, or some other building on campus. Perhaps you'll even become a school library regular- the student who seeks out the same chair at the same desk for each of their standard six hour study sessions. Even regular library dwellers, though, have to squeeze in some quick studying at their dorms: no time to walk to the library on test day for a 15 minute review. Here's where a prepared dorm room comes in handy. A convenient lap desk means you can work and study while sitting atop that comfy bed or futon- which on their own are nicer than that hard, wooden library chair. For night sessions, a booklight will provide enough visibility while letting your roommate sleep in peace. And don't forget to actually GO to that big test! Schedule an alarm clock to remind you. Most students will use alarm clocks to wake up. But trust us, it's pretty easy to get so carried away when reviewing that, oh shoot, you're already late for the big test! With these dorm essentials, you'll be prepared. Not late.
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