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Roll Up College Bathroom Organizer
Roll Up College Bathroom Organizer

Roll Up College Bathroom Organizer

Top Features include:
  • Rolls up and hangs from a hook
  • Fits all the bathroom and shower essentials
  • Basic black color with 4 zip-shut pockets
  • Useful for communal bathroom trips
Retail Price $9.49
Student Discount Price $8.88
You Save: $0.61
Dimensions: 15.75" x 9.25" x 2"

Product Code: I-BIN-36-JB6657

Remember those early-morning high school days when every day felt like a race to get ready in the morning and make it to school by the first bell? Fortunately there will be no bells in college life, but getting ready in time for class can still be a struggle, especially if you were studying into the wee hours the night before. There's no time to waste in the morning; what if there's a line to use one of the communal shower stalls! To save yourself time, put all your dorm bathroom supplies in this handy Roll Up College Bathroom Organizer. More than just your everyday college shower tote, this organizer has four zippered pockets to keep your college stuff all the more organized.

Staying organized is the best way to make your trip to the communal bathroom shorter, because who wants to hangout in a communal bathroom? You can try putting your use-first dorm bathroom accessories in the first pocket, such as your toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, put your shower stuff for college in the next pocket. This cool dorm organizer can be used by girls and guys, so girls, go ahead and fill a pocket or two with your makeup and other beauty accessories. Most bags for college and shower totes offer one big pocket, but we know you'll find these separated pockets useful and all the more conducive to keeping college supplies in order.

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