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Ombre Ocean Bed Skirt Panel with Ties - Purple Navy
Ombre Ocean Bed Skirt Panel with Ties - Purple Navy


Ombre Ocean Bed Skirt Panel with Ties - Purple Navy

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Student Discount Price $29.10

Dorm Co. Tip: Cover your stuff that is hidden under your TXL bed
Dimensions: 45" W x 60" H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: Q0309-OBSOPN

How Many Panels?

Even if you bring essential college storage items with you to organize your dorm room, you will most likely find that some of your dorm supplies still need a home. Luckily, there is more space in your dorm room if you plan it right, and it starts with your extra long Twin sized bed. Since your dorm bed will already be there, you might as well use the space underneath it to store college essentials like extra Twin XL bedding, clothes, and other college supplies, right? And the only way to make it even better is if you have a raised or lofted Twin XL bed! All of this extra space is going to give you the perfect opportunity to find space for all of your left behind dorm supplies, but just beware of that space underneath your dorm bed starting to look unsightly.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for unsightly underbed storage so your dorm room can look tidy and organized, even if the space underneath your extra long Twin bed is packed with dorm essentials. Just add on a stylish bed skirt to your Twin XL bed and you'll be able to cover up your underbed storage with a fashionable look. Our Ombre Ocean Bed Skirt Panel with Ties - Purple Navy allows you to choose the perfect amount of college bed skirt panels to cover up the space between your Twin XL sized bed and your dorm room floor. The unique purple navy ombre design of these stylish dorm bed skirt panels with ties will beautify your dorm room and help bring out the style of your college comforter. Simply use the ties on each panel to connect it to your dorm bed and you will instantly upgrade the look of your dorm room and Twin extra long bed.

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