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Mondo Gomie - Duffle Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Black College Duffle Laundry Bag with Wheels One-of-a-Kind Mondo Gomie Essential Dorm Room Supplies


Mondo Gomie - Duffle Laundry Hamper with Wheels

Top Features Include:
  • Spacious college laundry duffle hamper
  • Wheels, extendable trolley handle, and side handle make transportation to the laundry room easier!
  • Features (2) openings with durable zippers
  • A must-have dorm necessity constructed of canvas and a polyester inner lining
List Price : $69.99
Our Price: $59.99
You Save: $10.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Laundry bag on wheels for ease!
Dimensions: 18"H x 34"W x 16"D

Availability: SHIPS IN 24 HOURS

Let's be honest, when you move into your dorm room to start your college career life can start to get pretty hectic at times. And between all of your classes, homework, socializing, and sometimes sleeping, you may find that there isn't enough time in the week to tackle that dirty pile of laundry that's been piling up in your dorm room. No one likes having dirty laundry stack up on your dorm room floor. First off, its dirty! That means it can start to stink up the small space of your college dorm room. A pile of dirty clothes can also hurt the look of your Twin XL bedding and college decor. Just think, you've picked out the perfect dorm room decor to match your college comforter, and right there in the corner is a nice big pile of messy clothes. Kind of ruins the look, doesn't it? But now you no longer have to worry about your dorm room looking disorderly due to your dirty clothes thanks to our one of a kind Mondo Gomie - Duffle Laundry Hamper with Wheels!

We've taken our already awesome regular sized Gome - Duffle Laundry Bag with Wheels and made it even bigger! The Mondo Gomie is the perfect college laundry hamper for anyone that has plenty of clothes but not a lot of time to clean them. Measuring at 18"H x 34"W x 16"D, you'll be amazed at all the dirty laundry this unique black dorm room hamper can hold! Made with canvas and a polyester inner lining, this large college laundry item will hold up against all of the dirty clothes you can fit in it. The two zippered openings are also made with durable zippers, so no need to worry about your dirty laundry busting out when you're walking to the college laundry room or any laundromat. This oversized college laundry hamper is a great big size to hold a ton of laundry, but the essential zippered closures also allow you to be discreet so no one can see your dirty laundry when they visit your dorm room or when they pass you on your way to wash those dirty clothes.

Not only is this one-of-a-kind must have college item an essential part of your dorm room, it will also help you make laundry day super easy and convenient! Everything about our incredible Mondo Gomie - Duffle Laundry Hamper with Wheels is designed to make life easier for you! Of course the useful wheels and extendable trolley handle on this black dorm laundry hamper will make it easy to transport from dorm room to laundry room and even apartment to laundromat. Don't want to roll your important Mondo Gomie Laundry Hamper down some stairs to get it where you need to go? No problem! There is a sturdy side handle so you can pick this helpful college supply up when needed. The two durable zippered openings also mean that you can throw your clothes in with this essential dorm laundry hamper laying down or standing up, so it can go from dirty clothes hamper to the perfect college storage item to keep your clean clothes. With so many uses, you'll absolutely love having the Mondo Gomie with wheels in your college dorm room!

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