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Mini-Mega Dorm Pack - 27 College Essentials
All The Mini Dorm Supplies You Could Need - Mini-Mega Dorm Pack - 27 College Essentials


Mini-Mega Dorm Pack - 27 College Essentials

Top Feature include:
  • Takes the guess work out of what is needed for dorm life!
  • Includes: 27 College essentials
  • No throw away items in this college pack!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
Retail Price $199.99
Student Discount Price $149.95
You Save: $50.04
Dorm Co. Tip: Being Prepared Prevents Homesickness

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DORMCO-2012KIT8

Our Mini-Mega Dorm Pack - 27 College Essentials

An impressive amount of dorm supplies to ensure any student heading off to college is prepared for life away from home!

Pack Includes:

Shower Caddy - Holds your bathroom toiletries
Soap holder - Prevents your soap from getting everything yucked up
Toothbrush holder - Keeps your toothbrush clean and away from germs
Over-the-Door Shoe Holder -
Holds all your shoes over your closet door
6 Shelf Sweater Holder -
Gives you closet shelves for your t-shirts, sweaters and other clothes
Underbed Storage -
Keep your extra blankets & clothes stored, organized and dust free
Over-the-Door 3 Hook - Gives you a spot to toss your coat, jacket or towel
Glue Dots -
Holds up posters and your pictures on your dorm wall
10-Pack Pens -
Every college student needs pens.... there is always a pen shortage!
Calculator -
A good calculator is a must! A needed item for working out those required math problems
Dorm Scent -
Keeps your dorm smelling good
Earbuds -
Gives you the ability to tune into your music without worry of others around you
Hand Sanitizer Spray -
Stay germ free & reduce the amount times you'll get sick
Surge Protector -
Your tech stuff is $$$, keeping it plugged and safe is priority #1
Hot Pot -
The Most Popular way to cook in dorms. Ideal for Ramen Noodles, Pasta & More
Bed Post Shelf -
Gives you a shelf near your bed for items to stay within reach
Go Vault -
A lockable safe for your passport, camera and other small valuables
Colander -
Gotta strain the Ramen!
50 Hefty Plates -
Needing for eating all those great Hot Pot meals, pizza & left overs
Clip Fan -
Keeps you cool while at your desk or bedside
Laundry Bag -
A must for holding dirty laundry
Bandaids -
You'll use them so why not have them
5' x 7' Dry Erase Board (includes marker) -
Messages or reminders is a part of dorm life
16 Plastic Cups (16oz) -
Essential for sharing a 2-Liter with your roomie
Flex Light -
A smart light that can form and bend to go anywhere - Perfect bedside or at your desk
Dorm Flatware (4 Serving Sets) -
For when hands just aren't appropriate or possible
Multi-Hanger -
Holds several hangers on 1 hanger to save closet space

(Any items that are of color we ship gender neutral colors such as white, black, dark blue, natural, tan or gray)

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