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Dorm Cookin - College Gift Pack
Dorm Cookin - College Gift Pack College Cooking Supplies Dorm Essentials


The Graduate - Grad Gift Pack

Top Feature include:
  • Basic essentials that high school graduates need for college
  • Includes: Sponges (10), Wet Wipes, Pizza Cutter, Silverware (3 pack), Can Opener, Cutlery (51), Rapid Ramen Cooker, Ramen, Gum, Dip Clip, Utensil Wipes, $15 DormCo Gift Card
  • Optional add-ons: Film Canister Salt and Pepper Shakers, Pocket Cutlery, Hot Pot
  • These items will actually be used throughout the semester
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.
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Student Discount Price $32.48
You Save: $10.28

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Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Sponges

Package Contains: Pizza Cutter

Package Contains: Can Opener

Package Contains: Gum

Package Contains: Cutlery

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Ramen

Package Contains: Lavender Wipes

Package Contains: Silverware Set

Add Film Salt and Pepper Shaker?

Add Hot Pot?

Add Pocket Cutlery Set?


Dining Hall food is a novelty when students first arrive on campus, as most new things are. The excitement quickly wears off, however, and students are soon begging for home-cooked meals. Without parents to cook for them or a fully equipped kitchen, dorm room cooking takes creativity and the right dorm accessories. The Dorm Cookin College Pack has everything a college student could need to cook up delicious meals from the comfort of their dorm rooms. From utensils to cleanup, this pack is a college dorm cooker's dream. Each item is a necessary piece to the dorm cooking puzzle, and each will be used for years to come. Any of the optional items can be added to this pack to make the already complete Dorm Cookin pack the ultimate dorm essentials package. Just add food and any college student is set to cook!

Pack Includes:

  1. Sponges (10) - Sponges are an essential dorm cleanup supply! After a gourmet dorm room meal, students should clean the the dried pasta sauce out of their bowls. The last thing students want in their dorm room are critters like ants because of dirty dishes. With three sponges included in this Dorm Cookin package, students have no excuse not to clean up after themselves.
  2. Pizza Cutter - Pizza is a college food staple. It can be found at any party or at a club meeting. It's a cheap meal easily delivered to the dorm room, or it's easy to make if a student is more of a dorm room chef. Delivery or home made, every student will still need to be able to slice it up and share the pizza with friends. This pizza cutter is a dorm cooking essential utensil. Everyone loves pizza and it will be the go-to food in college. Be ready for pizza fun anytime with the pizza cutter from DormCo!
  3. Silverware (3 Piece Set) - With all the yummy food easily made right in the dorm, basic utensils are necessary to enjoy the meal. A fork, spoon and knife are quintessential dorm supplies for eating in any dorm room. No student could eat without them!
  4. Can Opener - Not every dorm meal has to be Ramen or pizza. But to create a meal outside of the norm, different dorm cooking utensils are needed. A good can opener can be the difference between another boring meal and an exciting one. Enjoy a can of soup on a cold day or open a can of sauce or vegetables to a little extra something to a dorm room meal. This can opener is a necessary dorm room accessory for every aspiring dorm room chef.
  5. Plastic Cutlery (51) - While the basic set of silverware included in this pack is great for a one person meal, what about when friends drop by? Forks, knives, and spoons are an always necessary dorm supply. Dorm-created food can be shared with the whole hall thanks to this large pack of plastic cutlery. No one will be left without utensils to eat with! Not just for sharing dorm meals, these plastic forks, knives, and spoons are a great back up if the fork from the silverware set is dirty.
  6. Rapid Mac Cooker - While making creative food in the dorm is fun, sometimes it's nice to just settle in with an old classic-- Macaroni and Cheese. This stereotypical college food is great as a cheap easy meal. But if there isn't a stove nearby, it's hard to boil water to make the noodles. The Rapid Mac Cooker makes this simple meal even easier. It perfectly boils and cooks Macaroni and Cheese in the microwave, so there's no mess. The most essential of dorm cooking essentials, the Rapid Mac Cooker makes a meal in minutes for college students.
  7. Ramen - The obvious accessory to the Rapid Ramen Cooker, the Dorm Cookin College Gift Pack includes a complimentary package of Ramen noodles!
  8. Gum - After all this eating and dorm cooking, your breath could start to stink. A followup to any meal, gum makes sure you don't leave your dorm without the mintiest of breaths.
  9. Dip Clip -
  10. Lavender Scented Cleaning Wipes - Keep your eating area and the rest of your dorm room clean with these reusable cleaning wipes that can be used wet or dry. Plus they have a great lavender scent!
12. $15.00 DormCo Gift Card - Serious foodies can never get enough dorm cooking essentials. With this $15 gift card, students can pick up a few extra dorm supplies to turn their dorm into a gourmet kitchen!

Optional add-ons:
  1. Film Canister Salt and Pepper Shakers - A fabulous addition to the Dorm Cookin College Pack, these salt and pepper shakers add a nostalgic touch to what would otherwise be an ordinary product. Shaped like two camera film canisters, add an old-school feel to dorm cook supplies and can even act as dorm decor!
  2. Pocket Cutlery - College can get busy. Between classes, meetings and other time commitments, schedules can be pretty tight. Sometimes, students might even need to eat on the fly, with no time to stop in the crowded dining hall. The Pocket Cutlery set provides the utensils needed to eat a nutritious meal anywhere! The stainless steel fork, spoon, knife and bottle opener fold together to make the ultimate portable cutlery set.
  3. Hot Pot - Boiling water without a kitchen is tough. Dorm rooms needs a little something extra in order to boil water for tea lovers or to heat up some soup. The Hot Pot acts as an electric kettle, so whipping up a steaming mug of hot chocolate in the dorm room is quick and easy. A true dorm room cooking essential, the Hot Pot allows students to safely cook in their dorms.

A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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