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College Dorm Survival Kit - Gift Pack Essentials
College Dorm Survival Kit - Gift Pack Essentials


College Dorm Survival Kit - Gift Pack Essentials

Top Feature include:
  • 13+ Piece Dorm Survival Kit every incoming Freshman needs to be ready for college!
  • Specially selected items make gifting easy - Smart Graduation Gift for any High School Senior
  • These often overlooked college dorm essentials will actually be used throughout the semester
  • This gift pack has you covered from cooking and studying to organization and first aid
  • Includes a Mini First Aid Kit, College Clip Light, Can & Bottle Opener, Outlet Adapter, DormCo Gift Card, and so much more! Scroll down the page for a detailed description of the contents

Retail Price $48.80
Student Discount Price $36.96
You Save: $11.84
Dorm Co. Tip: Gift Packs make a thoughtful graduation gift for the new College Freshman in your life!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Package Contains: First Aid Kit

Package Contains: Writing Utensils

Package Contains: Light

Package Contains: Can Opener

Package Contains: Outlet Accessory

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush H:

Package Contains: Dorm Accessory

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Stain Removal

Package Contains: Adhesive Hooks

Package Contains: Shampoo

Package Contains: Rapid Cooker

Package Contains: Glue Dots

If you are sending your recent high school grad off to college, give them the essential college supplies they will need to survive dorm life! Everyone knows the importance of bringing oversized Twin XL bedding, dorm storage items, and college decor pieces with them on dorm move in day, but there are so many other dorm essentials that are forgotten. Be a smart online shopper and gift your high school grad (or yourself, if you are heading off to college) with our College Dorm Survival Kit - Gift Pack Essentials! From an essential dorm first aid kit and college supplies like pens and a dorm room outlet adapter useful college items for your dorm decor and even a Dueling Cooker to make some Ramen Noodles and another tasty college treat, this dorm kit is filled with the little college essentials that are often overlooked.

When living the dorm life, it gets annoying when you keep running into situations where you need something, but don't have it in your college dorm. This college gift pack helps eliminate that frustration of not having the dorm supplies you need. Sure, there are other ways to open bottles and cans, but if you want to make it easier and enjoy your food and drink quickly, it isn't very convenient. And if you have unique college decor to hang on your walls but nothing to hang it with, you're out of luck. While it may not contain the big ticket dorm items that everyone knows college students need, this affordable dorm essentials kit will make your favorite college student the most prepared student on campus! A helpful and fun grad gift for high school seniors, this college survival kit is a must have dorm favorite.

Essentials Gift Pack Includes:
Mini First Aid Kit - Basic first-aid supplies for everyday mishaps.
Glue Dots - Removable - Hangs all your posters and pics with ease!
Basic Student Clip Light - Flexible neck to get the best angle while clipped to your desk or dorm headboard
Shampoo Sheets - Just add water and these sheets dissolve instantly, great for quick weekend trips off campus.
Mom's Magical Goop - Convenient 1oz. packet to help remove stains from ink, markers, gum, and more.
Command Poster Strips - A smart way to hang posters without damaging your dorm room walls.
College-Ave Toothbrush & Soap Holder - Keep your bathroom essentials safely stored for easy use.
Kitty Cap 4-in-1 Opener - Opens caps, twist tops, and lift tabs while magnetic medallion catches caps
USB Accessory Cable - Perfect for dorm life, this plug will ensure that you always stay powered up.
$5 DormCo Gift Card - Can be used towards a future order!
3-Outlet Grounded Cube Adapter -
Plugs into (1) outlet to give you a total of (3)!
Dorm Door Stop - Simply plug behind your dorm door to keep it closed, or can be used to prop open your door for friends.
Ballpoint Pens - A basic college essential you always need but never have enough of - green ink adds some color to your notes!
Dueling Cooker - Cooks two of your favorite dorm food items at once!

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