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Dorm Survival Kit - Gift Pack
Extremely Useful for College Students - Dorm Survival Kit Gift Pack


Dorm Survival Kit

Top Features include:
  • Contains 15 must-have college dorm essentials
  • This gift pack has you covered from cravings and studying to sleeping and first aid
  • Even contains a Dorm Co Gift Card
  • Perfect high school graduation gift idea
Retail Price $29.99
Student Discount Price $24.75
You Save: $5.24
Dorm Co. Tip: Realistic grad gifts are better than random buys

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Package Contains: Laundry Bag

Package Contains: Light

Package Contains: Desk Accessory

Package Contains: Gum

Package Contains: Outlet Accessory

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush H:

Package Contains: Spazzstick

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Ramen

Package Contains: Glue Dots

Dorm Survival Kit - Gift Pack is an ideal gift for any high school graduate heading off to college. This one of a kind dorm package includes essential items you'll need throughout the semester away at college. Dorm life is fun and being prepared is even better!

Don't be fooled...
Dorm Survival Kits are not all created equally. When shopping for the perfect high school graduation gift pack it is most important to review the contents of the survival kit. Those less reputable suppliers will put cheap items that college students will never use just to beef up the appearance of their kit! Dorm Co thinks this is sad and sneaky so we take the time to educate you the consumer to do a careful review. If you see items like 'mending kit' (when was the last time a college student sewed in their dorm room!?) or even worse 'laundry instructions' run the other way. (Really? A booklet that tells a student how to wash clothes?..... if they don't know how they can call home or go online). Keep an eye out for those products that are just fillers that make other Dorm Survival Kits look like they have lots of items!

Rest assured at Dorm Co our Dorm Survival Kit only contains those must-have dorm room essentials. We can say with certainty that 100% of the dorm products in our kit will be used!

KIT Contains:
1. Sleep Mask
2. Ear Plugs
3. Flashlights
4. Jumbo Laundry Bag
5. Glue Dots - Poster/Picture Adhesive
6. Eclipse Gum
7. Ramen Noodles - #1 Dorm Food
8. Toothbrush Holder
9. Soap Holder
10. Spazzstick - Caffinated Lip Balm (2-Pack)
11. 6 Foot 3 Outlet Extension Cord
12. Qknot - Cord Organization (contains 2 pieces)
13. Over-the-Door Hook - Hanging clothes, towel or coat
14. Dorm Co $5.00 Gift Certificate

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