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Lather up! Community Shower - College Gift Pack
Community Shower - College Gift Pack Dorm Essentials Must Have Dorm Items


Community Shower - College Gift Pack

Top Feature include:
  • Ahh the dreaded 'Community Shower', a right of passage for Freshmen and this kit contains all you'll need to lather up!
  • Includes: Soap Holder, Hand Sanitizer, Bath Sponge, Shaving Sheet, Razor Buddy, Bar of Soap, 4pc Travel Bottle Set, Quick Dry Towel, Bath Hooks, Body Wash Sheet, Shampoo Sheet, Deodorant Wipes, Strongest Shower Bag
  • Optional add-ons: Shower Sandals, 4 Piece Towel Set
  • Products college students actually need!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.

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Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Shower Caddy

Package Contains: Showe:

Package Contains: Bath Towel

Package Contains: Hand Sanitizer

Package Contains: Soap

Package Contains: Bar of Soap

Package Contains: Bath Accessory

Package Contains: Shaving Accessory

Package Contains: Shaving Sheets

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush H:

Package Contains: Body Wash Sheets

Package Contains: Deodorant

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Shampoo

Package Contains: Travel Bottle Set

Add Shower Sandals?

College students live on tight schedules. There's always something going on, whether it's class, homework, meetings or a movie night with friends. Students need to have all the dorm shower essentials ready to go just to make it to all their obligations on time. The Lather Up! Community Shower College Gift Pack covers all the bases. It has body wash, shampoo, soap, sponges and even more dorm shower accessories every college student needs. With this gift pack students will have everything they need to get squeaky clean and take on the day.

Pack Includes:
  1. Soap Box and Toothbrush Holder - Community dorm showers can get pretty nasty. With dozens of students sharing one bathroom, soap should not be placed on the shower floor or on a shelf. Think of all the germs! This dorm essential soap holder will protect your soap from communal shower grossness. Not to mention, students shouldn't just throw it into their shower caddy with all their other products. Soap residue would make everything slimy and gross. The case will also help protect students other dorm shower necessities.
  2. Hand Sanitizer - Like we said, community dorm showers are gross. Beyond the showers, think of how many surfaces college students touch each day-- door handles, desks, shared pens and more. That's a lot of germs. Hand sanitizer is a college dorm necessity. It will kill any lingering bacteria and keep students healthy!
  3. Bath Sponges - The perfect way to lather up is with a colorful bath sponge. The sponge makes sure students are squeaky clean and ready to take on the day. Every college student needs this dorm supply! It's convenient hanging cord let's students hang it up in the shower (and off those gross shower floors) or in their room to store dorm shower supplies neatly.
  4. Shaving Sheet - Life in college dorms is all about convenience. If it's easy and saves time, college students will love it. That's the idea behind this clever dorm shower supply. Shaving sheets are the most convenient way to shave in college. They dissolve instantly in water, making it easy for students to lather up quick. It's annoying to carry around traditional bottles of shaving cream, not to mention it's expensive for poor college students. These sheets can easily be carried in a dorm shower caddy, and students don't have to worry about accidentally leaving that can of shaving cream in the dorm bathroom!
  5. Razor Buddy - Digging around in a dorm shower caddy for a razor wastes a college student's precious time. If students are running late for class, they might just skip shaving altogether if they can't find their razor quickly. The razor buddy is the perfect solution for busy college students. It attaches the razor to any bottle in the shower caddy! Razors will never be lost again.
  6. Soap with a Cause - By adding this soap for college to your dorm stuff, you'll also be doing good for the world! That's not a bad bonus while you're simply college shopping. With each soap bottle sold, helps to bring clean water to people in need around the world. So by simply washing your hands and buying soap as part of your dorm stuff, you'll feel good inside and out! Washing hands will also reduce the spread of germs, meaning such a simple college item can be useful and beneficial in so many ways.
  7. Bar of Soap - With the dorm essential soap box included in this gift pack, students will need a bar of soap to go in it! Students can lather up and step out of the shower smelling great. This is no ordinary soap, however. For every bar purchased, one is donated to someone less fortunate. Students will feel good inside and out with this dorm supply.
  8. 4pc Travel Bottle Set - Every now and then college students need a break. This bottle set is perfect for a traveling student. he 4 pc travel bottle set includes a 3.4 oz bottle, a 1.7 oz spray bottle and 2 mini cream containers. The bottles are the right size for travel, making airport security a breeze. The bottles are also dorm bathroom essentials for quick trips to the shower. Just fill up the bottle with shampoo and don't worry about lugging a huge bottle down the hall! Either way, college students will be squeaky clean no matter where in the world they are.
  9. Quick Dry Towel - A bath towel is an essential dorm accessory for every college student. After lathering up in the shower, students will need a way to dry off. The Quick Dry Towel is the best dorm supply. It's designed to dry quickly, which is ideal for dorm rooms. It also takes up less storage space than traditional towels, with the same dimensions! That's being dorm supply savvy.
  10. Over the Door Hooks (2-Pack) - Instead of letting your shower towel lie on your dorm room floor, hang it up with these simple hooks for easy organization. Made with durable plastic construction, our over the door hooks won't let your towels fall on the floor and get dirty, no matter how wet and heavy they are. It's the unique college supplies that make living in a college dorm room so much easier. Don't let your towels make messy piles on your dorm room floor when you could neatly and easily hang them from your dorm room door.
  11. Body Wash Sheet - Just like the shaving sheet, the body wash sheet is all about convenience. It's the easiest way for students to lather up! It will barely take up space in a dorm shower caddy, and it's size makes it ideal for travel. Students can be in and out of the shower on to other tasks quick as can be with the body wash sheet.
  12. Shampoo Sheet - This is a must have dorm accessory. No more lugging huge bottles of shampoo to and from the shower! Those bulky bottles take up a lot of space in dorm caddies and are expensive. Instead of wasting money buying shampoo, students will be able to use that money for other college dorm necessities. There is no simpler dorm shower product.
  13. Deodorant Wipes - While it's hard to believe, some college dorms don't have air conditioning. But with these deodorant wipes, students will never have to worry about B.O. Small and portable, these sheets are the ultimate dorm accessories for travel. Whether it's in the dorm room, between classes or on the way to spring break, students will smell great wherever they are.
  14. Strongest Shower Bag - With all these dorm shower goodies included in this pack, students will need the strongest shower bag to hold them all. The Strongest Shower bag lives up to its name as it is the most durable shower bag. Thanks to it's extra strong construction, it will not to rip or tear. It's handle makes it easy to carry and store, while the mesh material makes it an ideal caddy for college showers. Most dorms have community showers for the whole hall requiring a sturdy bag that's up to a lot of trips. This bag can be used through college and beyond as it's built to last.
  15. $5.00 DormCo Gift Card - Students can use this $5.00 DormCo gift card for last minute dorm shower essentials!
Optional Add-ons:
  1. Shower Sandals - With so many people sharing one bathroom, the floors of community dorm showers get gross fast. The last thing a student should do is walk on those floors with bare feet. Shower sandals protect students feet from the unknown germs on the floor. Feet will stay comfortable and clean in a set of shower shoes. They are essential for any student living in a college dorm!
A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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