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Deodorant Wipes On the Go 4-Pack
Cool Dorm Stuff - Deodorant Wipes On the Go 4-Pack - Useful Products For College

Deodorant Wipes On the Go 4-Pack

Top Features include:
  • Wipes to keep you smelling good
  • Small & Compact to fit in your purse, bag, pocket, etc.
  • Great for quick travel or overnight stays
  • A must have bathroom accessory
Retail Price $3.99
Student Discount Price $2.59
You Save: $1.40
Dorm Co. Tip: ...Because you never know when you'll stink

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Product Code: E2-2-10-DWOG

Smelling your best should always be a priority. It's not of much concern when you're just sitting in your dorm room, but when you're on the go and away from all your dorm supplies and bathroom supplies, you might get a bit worried if you catch a whiff of yourself, especially if you forgot to apply some deodorant! What to do? Be prepared! These Deodorant Wipes On the Go 4-Pack are just what you'll need to not have to worry—worrying will make you sweat only more! These mini supplies for college can be kept right in your pocket, purse, or college backpack.

Don't you wish all your college stuff could be as convenient as these wipes? Amid tests, making it to class on time, and going on that date later, college life will leave you enough to worry about. So, when shopping for college bathroom supplies, add a pack or two of these wipes. They're cheap dorm items that will really come through for you when you're in a pinch. So don't break a sweat over how you smell, and if you do, be prepared with these innovative and handy college products.

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