Each year DormCo has had the pleasure to help moms all around the country just like you. We understand that shopping for dorm supplies is unlike any other shopping experience. What makes dorm shopping so different is the fact you aren’t just buying “stuff.” Shopping for college represents the culmination of 18 years of life. It’s a milestone that is perhaps greater than any other. This is a time you’ve both dreaded and occasionally looked forward to. It’s the hopes and dreams you’ve had for your young adult and it’s the fears and unknown of letting go of your “baby.” It’s a time for celebration and it’s a time of feeling unexplained loss to a childhood gone. And although it’s cliché, it is an absolute real feeling to wonder how the past 18 years could have flown by so fast.

College is fast approaching and DormCo wants to help make your College Dorm Supplies Shopping turn into a PARTY!
Make the experience a fun get-together where you get to shop for dorm supplies, reminisce over the last 18 years and save lots of money doing it!

How does it work?

Imagine you and a group of your friends who all need dorm supplies go to your local {insert big box store name here} and shop together. You all independently pick out what you need and go to the checkout line together and say to the cashier, “We all decided to shop here for dorm stuff and our total will probably be around $$$ dollars, what discount will you give us for our bulk purchase?” Sounds kinda crazy right?

But that’s exactly what DormCo has created with our “Dorm Party.”

Have fun shopping with your friends and earn discounts. The more you purchase as a group the more you save! It’s like buying Dorm Supplies at wholesale prices.

Unlike other group parties (tupperware, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.) where the host reaps all the reward while everyone else pays normal retail, The DormCo Party is all about the benefit of the group. Everybody Saves!

PS... Deciding to be a host does earn you cool free gifts or upgrades for taking the lead and effort to set up the event.

The Details:

1.Contact and say “I want a DormCo Party.” We’ll reply within 24-48 hours with information on the Bulk Saving Tiers, Party Tips/Ideas, schedule our How to Shop for Dorm Supplies Checklist shipment as well as your official DormCo Party ID Code.

2.Plan a Party – Invite fellow moms who have a son/daughter heading off to college in the near future.

3.Place your Bulk order – Whether you place your orders separately or together you’ll earn your Bulk Savings!

4.Order arrival. Your Group Bulk Order will arrive within 2-5 Business Days!


1.Is the DormCo Party just for Moms?

Answer: Absolutely not! Whether you’re a dad, grandparent, sibling, college student or anyone else seeking to purchase dorm supplies with a group in bulk you can sign up for our DormCo Party.

2. Can my son or daughter come to the DormCo party?

Answer: Sure! We encourage you to make the event as beneficial and fun as possible. Having sons or daughters come to give more opinions on what they want and need for dorm life is a good thing.

3. Is this the same as a Trunk Party?

Answer: No. Trunk Parties are more similar to graduation parties where guests bring gifts for soon-to-be college students. There is no purchasing or shopping done at a Trunk Party.

4. Does DormCo charge me to have a DormCo Party?

Answer: Of course not! We’d like you to have the event. There is no catch or hidden fees.

5. At the DormCo party can we purchase items not intended for college from DormCo or items from your other online stores, and

Answer: We encourage it! If you are buying in bulk and obtaining discounts on how much you spend, you might as well add to your savings by shopping for bedding for yourself at, Christmas lights from or even items for yourself from

6. What if someone from the DormCo Party Group purchase needs to return something? Can we do that?

Answer. Yes, but the difference within the tiered discount savings is deducted from the return. In other words, it is fairly set up to prevent a group of partygoers from gaming the system to achieve larger discounts with the intent to return a bulk of the order.

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