Make Your Dorm Walls Look Great With Dorm Wall Art!

You want your college dorm room to feel like a home away from home. You go through and transform every area of your college dorm room to make it feel more home-like. You add a nice dorm rug to the dorm floor to cover up the linoleum and you make your dorm bed a comfortable oasis with Twin XL Bedding. The only problem area? Your dorm room walls. Your dorm room walls are going to be pretty bland and not make you feel like you're at home. Check out our ideas below for how you can make your college dorm room a home away from home!

1 - Dorm Posters - These are basic dorm essentials that every college student will go to college with. There are so many dorm posters available, you're bound to find something you absolutely love! From your favorite movie to your favorite musician and even scenic views, you'll find a few dorm necessities to make your college dorm room feel more home-like. Of course, there are also dorm tin signs and dorm tapestries that you can mix and match with your college posters for a unique look. Plus, these college supplies cover a large part of your dorm walls, so you can brighten up those dorm room walls in no time!

2 - College Mirrors - This is a two in one dorm essentials item. Your college dorm room won't come with a mirror, which means checking out your hair and makeup before class will either mean using a handheld mirror from your cosmetic bag or going to the dorm bathroom. With a few of these dorm essentials in your college dorm room, you can avoid having to do either of those things! Plus, in a variety of sizes and designs, you can also add to your dorm room decor!

3 - Peel N Stick Decor - Peel N Stick Decor comes in a lot of fun styles, shapes, and purposes. Chances are, you'll end up adding a few of these college supplies to your college wall decor! From dorm wall art of flowers and scenic views to your favorite characters, there's a wide variety of dorm room decorations you can add to your college dorm room to make it fun and great looking. What's even better is that there are message boards and calendars of the Peel N Stick variety so you can keep track of your exams and homework while adding to your college dorm room decor.

4 - Photos - To fully make your college dorm room feel like a home away from home, you want to make sure you bring some photos from home. Whether you're two hours from home or in another state or country, you want to make sure you have some photos of loved ones in your dorm necessities. These will add extra comfort to your dorm room decor and help beat the homesickness you may feel. However, bulky frames that sit on your desk aren't going to be an option. You need what desk space you have to do homework. With memory boards, Peel N Stick Frames, and more, you can tack your photos up on your wall and not lose any dorm room storage space or work space.

5 - Dorm Wallpaper - This is the ultimate transformation for your college dorm room. Dorm wallpaper will cover the largest area of dorm wall. This dorm decoration will also really make your college dorm room decor stand out from the rest. You can either cover all of your dorm walls for an ultimate transformation, or you can cover one dorm room wall for an accent wall and cover the other walls with other dorm wall art.
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