Dorm Essentials to Display Your Photos

Your first thoughts about your dorm room at the beginning are how exciting it is and how you are going to make it feel like a home away from home. Unfortunately, you don't have much space in your college dorm room. That means the dorm essentials you go dorm room shopping for your dorm room decor also have to be dorm space savers. One of the things on your mind when you're making your college dorm room feel like a home away from home is that you want to display photos of family and friends from home. Whether you're sticking photos up on your wall with basic dorm tape or you want to get more artistic with your display for your dorm room decor, check out our college dorm checklist for all the dorm necessities you need for displaying photos of your friends and family!

1 - Stick Um - This sticky wall holder is pretty tough. It can even hold your cell phone up on your wall! This dorm essentials item will not damage your dorm room walls and is removable and reusable! You can place a few of these dorm items on your dorm room wall in a row either vertically or horizontally to display your photos. You can even make your own design with how you place these dorm items to make your photos be a part of your dorm room decor!

2 - Stickr Frames Peel N Stick - Maybe you want your photos of friends and family in frames. However, frames are dorm essentials that can take up a lot of room in your college dorm room. You need every inch of dorm room storage space available on your dorm room dresser and dorm desk. Plus you kind of want to study and do homework on your dorm desk as well. That means your dorm desk can't be overloaded with photos of family and friends in frames. What do you do? Get frames for your dorm wall! These dorm essentials have cute designs for the frames, making your photo display look artistic and oh so cool. Plus you'll get everything you want - your photos in frames and not losing out on any dorm room storage space!

3 - PhotoTrax - These are pretty cool college supplies for displaying your photos. The mounting tracks won't damage your dorm room walls and can hold 4"x6" photos or larger. You can place these dorm supplies anywhere on your dorm room wall for extra dorm room decor and you can even place other dorm items around them like your college dorm message board or a college poster for an extra cool look. The PhotoTrax will not only hold up your photos on your dorm room wall, it will also provide a border to your photos, making them stand out even more.

4 - Memory Board - Dorm Memory Boards look great as part of dorm room wall decorations. The board has a cute design that will add to dorm room decor when it's peeking out from between photos and the fabric cover will allow you to stick pins in to hold your photos or notes. That makes this dorm item one of those great multi-purpose dorm necessities. You'll be able to add to dorm room decor, display photos and memories of loved ones, and have reminders of an upcoming exam all in one dorm essential!
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