Make Your College Dorm Room Look Great With Decorative Dorm Room Storage!

You know your college dorm room is going to be small. That means every dorm essentials item counts! You can't have too many dorm items that are only for dorm room decorations and not functional. With the following college dorm necessities, you can have some cool style for your college dorm room and plenty of dorm room storage while you're at it!

1 - Totes and other Dorm Accessory Organizers - Don't underestimate how much these dorm essentials can do for your college dorm room! Dorm totes can be easily moved around your college dorm room for when you want to reorganize and they can even be taken outside of your college dorm room with ease. And the bonus? These dorm necessities can be packed up with college supplies when you move in and out of college. You can store a variety of dorm items such as extra clothes in dorm totes. You can place them in your dorm closet on the college closet shelves, you can place them on top of your dorm dresser or you can even place them on top of your dorm desk. Dorm items like our dorm accessory dorm organizer even have compartments where you can keep smaller dorm items separated and organized so you don't have to search through your dorm necessities to find one dorm item you're looking for. Plus in plenty of cute colors and designs, you can add to a cool looking dorm room decor style with these dorm necessities!

2 - Dorm Trunk - Yes, a storage trunk with wheels can add to your dorm room decor! In fact, you don't want to leave home without this dorm necessities item! Available in a variety of styles, you can complete your college dorm room decor with the simple addition of a college trunk. Our dorm trunks for college will let you store any extra college supplies that aren't fitting in your dorm dresser or dorm closet. You're not going to have much room in either your dorm closet or college dresser for dorm essentials like seasonal clothes. That isn't a problem when you have a dorm room trunk in your dorm supplies! These dorm necessities will add some style to your college room decor and your friends won't be able to tell that you have cooking supplies or seasonal clothes hidden inside!

3 - Entryway Tower - One of the things you may not think about for your college dorm checklist is where you are going to keep dorm items like coats, umbrellas, and keys in your college dorm room. It can be pretty easy to leave your college dorm room without those things. You're going to be in a whole new routine at college and on a different schedule, so it may not occur to you that you need to make sure you have your dorm key, college ID and college backpack with you as you walk out of the door. A Dorm Room Entryway Tower is going to use up more vertical space than it will floor space. You can keep this dorm room storage college supplies item in a convenient spot by your dorm room door and have your bags, umbrellas, coats, keys, and more all within easy access as you walk out of the dorm room.

4 - Decorative Dorm Bed Shelf - This is one of those dorm items that is fantastic for dorm room decor. When you have photos of family and friends and little souvenirs from home and high school, you want to display them in your college dorm room. However, the top of your dorm dresser is going to be covered with things like cosmetics, fragrances, or maybe you have those dorm totes on your college dresser! You also don't want to use the space on top of your dorm desk for your photographs and other souvenirs. After all, you need that space to study and do homework. With this dorm room decor item, you can display those small souvenirs right above your college dorm bed without losing any other dorm room storage space!
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