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10PC Complete Dorm Organization Set - TUSK Storage - Gray
10PC Complete Dorm Organization Set - TUSK Storage - Gray Dorm Storage Solutions Dorm Organization


10PC Complete Dorm Organization Set - TUSK® Storage - Gray

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Includes all the dorm organization dorm items you need to start college right!
  • Vibrant color to complete your dorm room decor
  • Set Includes hanging shoe shelves, hanging sweater shelves, folding laundry hamper, laundry backpack, clear view jumbo storage, (1) folding cube, (2) jumbo storage boxes, underbed shoe holder, bedside caddy, and BONUS Super Jumbo Laundry Bag to keep you organized and provide plenty of dorm room storage!
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Package Includes: TUSK Laundry Backpack

Package Includes: TUSK Laundry Back:

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Sweater Shelves

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Swea:

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Shoe Shelves

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Shoe:

Package Includes: TUSK Fold Up Cubes

Package Includes: TUSK Fold Up Cube:

Package Includes: TUSK Jumbo Storage Box

Package Includes: TUSK Jumbo Storag:

Package Includes: TUSK Clear View Jumbo Storage

Package Includes: TUSK Clear View J:

Package Includes: TUSK Bedside Caddy

Package Includes: TUSK Bedside Cadd*:

Package Includes: TUSK Folding Laundry Hamper

Package Includes: TUSK Folding Laun:

Package Includes: TUSK Underbed Shoe Holder

Package Includes: TUSK Underbed Sho:

Package Includes: BONUS Item

College living can be fun, but it can also be a little stressful at first. Packing up your dorm essentials to move into college is fun and you get to plan out your dorm room decor. The problem is once you move into your college dorm room and you start unpacking. The problem then becomes where you will keep the college supplies you brought! Your college dorm room is going to provide a college closet, dorm dresser, and an under bed storage area for dorm room storage. However, to have an easier college living experience, you will want and need to expand those areas with some dorm organizers. Dorm organizers such as our 10PC Complete Dorm Organization Set in Gray will allow you to fully maximize what you do have for dorm room storage and then some.

Our 10PC Complete Dorm Organization Set in Gray comes with everything you need to keep your college dorm room organized and running smoothly so you can spend more time studying and writing essays than hunting for a dorm essentials item. Each piece in this special package deal comes in a soft gray color that will add to your dorm room decor and make your dorm room look complete with a color theme for your dorm organization. While each piece adds to your dorm room decor and provides plenty of dorm room storage, these dorm necessities will also be incredibly reliable. Each piece in this college supplies set is made of 600D which is beyond durable and built to withstand tough college use. Expand your dorm room storage and rest assured that your dorm organizers can handle your dorm supplies with our incredibly durable 10PC Complete Dorm Organization Set in Gray.

10 Piece Complete Dorm Organization Set Includes:
-TUSK® Laundry Backpack: You need a durable, large dorm laundry bag to get you through college. There can be times when it is going to be a while in between washing a load of laundry - after all, time flies quickly when you're going to a lot of college courses and doing a lot of homework. This dorm necessities item is a massive dorm laundry bag that has a convenient shoulder strap to make carrying this dorm item to the laundry room much easier and even has a front pocket for your dryer sheets and other laundry accessories.
-TUSK® Hanging Sweater Shelves: This dorm essentials item will be like having another dresser in your college dorm room. This dorm organizer has 6 shelves so you can keep your clothes organized and separated. Keep your jeans on one shelf, long sleeved shirts on another, or even organize by color to make getting ready in the morning easier. Plus, this dorm item takes up little closet rod space and instead takes advantage of vertical space to maximize your dorm room storage.
-TUSK® Hanging Shoe Shelves: Keeping all your shoes organized in your dorm closet is important. With the Hanging Shoe Shelves, you can fit 10 pairs of shoes and it hangs right on your dorm closet rod. This dorm essential was designed to withstand tough college use, which means this closet organizer is beyond durable and you don't have to worry about it not lasting throughout college.
-(1) TUSK® Fold Up Cube: This dorm essential has a handle in the center to allow you better pull it from where you need it and is essential for keeping your college supplies organized. Place this dorm item on your college closet shelf, dorm desk, or even on your college closet floor to keep your extra seasonal clothes, cooking supplies, and more organized and within arm's reach.
-(2) TUSK® Jumbo Storage Boxes: The area under your bed is an area that often goes unused in a college dorm room. Clean out that area and then keep your extra college supplies concealed and organized under your dorm bed with this jumbo under bed storage item. Keep those extra Twin XL Sheet Sets in this dorm item to keep them within arm's reach in a convenient area.
-TUSK® Clear View Jumbo Storage: This dorm essential has a massive size and a clear panel to allow you to see what you have inside. Keep your sweaters or dorm blankets in this dorm essential and you won't have to sift through your clothes to find your favorite T-Shirt - you'll be able to see exactly where it is through the clear panel.
-TUSK® Folding Laundry Hamper: One dorm laundry bag isn't enough. You don't want to learn your lesson by accidentally washing your favorite blue shirt in the dorm washing machine with your white clothes. Keep your clothes separated from the start with multiple dorm laundry bags and laundry hampers for your light and dark clothes. Plus, this dorm item has an easy shut and lock lid that keeps your clothes inside and it also collapses flat when not in use!
-TUSK® Underbed Shoe Holder: You don't want to throw your shoes in a corner of your college closet and have them become dirty or damaged. Keep them organized, clean, and maximize on that valuable under bed storage with this dorm necessities item. This dorm item has a clear top so you can see exactly what shoes you have inside and it holds 12 pairs of shoes. This college supplies item is a perfect dorm storage solution for your seasonal shoes that you won't be wearing year round.
TUSK® Bedside Caddy: There are certain dorm essentials you will want to always have bedside. This bedside caddy has four pockets so you can keep your smartphone, glasses, and even your college textbook, laptop, or tablet conveniently bedside. Want a bottle of water by your dorm bed but worried about spilling it? There's even a little ledge and strap to hold your drink!
® Super Jumbo Laundry Bag Included

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