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Shower Caddy Kit Complete - College Gift Pack
Shower Caddy Kit Complete - College Gift Pack


Shower Caddy Kit Complete - College Gift Pack

Top Feature include:
  • Contains everything needed for trips to the community bathroom, except the actual soap!
  • Includes: Strongest Shower Caddy, Toothbrush Holder, Soap Holder, Stop the Stink Sponge, Squeeze It, Microban Travel Case, Flip N Fold Toothbrush, 4pc Travel Bottles, Cotton Ball Holder, Cotton Swab Accessory Case, Bath Hooks, Pill Case, 3 oz Locking Spray Bottle, Manicure Set, $5.00 DormCo Gift Card
  • Optional add-ons- Shower Sandals, 4 piece towel set
  • Products college students actually need!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.

Retail Price $48.00
Student Discount Price $38.70
You Save: $9.30

Dorm Co. Tip: Our 12 Days of College - Gifts Every College Student needs

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Product Code: 12DAYS-04

Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Shower Caddy

Package Contains: Showe:

Package Contains: Toilet Neutralizer

Package Contains: Toilet Neutralize:

Package Contains: Bathroom Accessory

Package Contains: Bathroom Accessor:

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush H:

Package Contains: Travel Case

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Toothbrush

Package Contains: Travel Bottle Set

Package Contains: Cotton Ball Holder

Package Contains: Cotton Ball Holde:

Package Contains: Cotton Swab Holder

Package Contains: Shaving Cream:

Package Contains: Pill Case

Package Contains: Spray Bottle

Package Contains: Manicure Set

Add Shower Sandals?

Dorm life requires a lot of accessories, the most important of which are dorm bathroom supplies. Many incoming students are only used to sharing a bathroom with family members, but the majority of dorms have community bathrooms for the whole hall to share! That means carting a lot of dorm supplies from the dorm room to the bathroom everyday. The Shower Caddy Kit Complete College Gift Pack includes almost every essential item for college dorm life. From toiltries to cases to the strongest caddy to carry it all, this pack gives college students everything they need to take on sharing a bathroom with 30 other students.

Pack Includes:
  1. Strongest Shower Caddy - With all of the dorm shower necessities included in this pack, a super strong caddy to carry them all is a must! The Strongest Shower Caddy lives up to its name as it is the most durable shower caddy. Thanks to its extra strong construction, it will not to rip or tear. Its handle makes it easy to carry and store, while the mesh material makes it an ideal caddy for college showers. This caddy features a large middle pocket perfect for over-sized shampoo bottles, and there are a ton of outside pockets for smaller items, like a razor. Most dorms have community showers for the whole hall requiring a sturdy bag that's up to a lot of trips. This bag can be used through college and beyond, as it's built to last.
  2. Toothbrush and Soap Holder - With community showers, students have store all of their toiletries in their dorm rooms, including their toothbrush. Unfortunately no space in a dorm room is sanitary enough to lay your toothbrush on. Dirt and dust collect everywhere in dorm rooms and the last thing you want is your toothbrush laying out in the open. A toothbrush holder is a dorm room must have to keep toothbrushes clean and sanitary.
  3. Stop The Stink Sponge - This odor absorbing sponge can be placed in your private dorm bathroom, dorm room, next to your laundry bag...anywhere you need odors to be absorbed for a dorm room that always smells fresh.
  4. Squeeze it - This nifty gadget is one of those dorm items students don't know they need. Everyone has felt the frustration of trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Squeeze it makes using every bit of toothpaste struggle free. It'll even save college students money in the long run as they won't throw away tubes that still have toothpaste in them!
  5. Microban Travel Case - This small case is the perfect dorm accessory for the Shower Caddy Kit. It's the ideal dorm supply to store a razor or tampon as it's waterproof, Microban material protects against bacteria growth. Any small dorm bathroom accessory can be slipped inside and thrown in the Strongest Shower Caddy without worrying about moisture.
  6. Dorm On The Go Toothbrush - Our Dorm On The Go Toothbrush is a compact toothbrush that compactly folds into itself for convenience. This feature is both a clean and smart way to store a toothbrush in your dorm shower caddy or college shower tote.
  7. 4PC Travel Bottles- Just like a travel toothbrush is a dorm room must, so are other travel-sized toiletries. The 4 pc travel bottle set includes a 3.4 oz bottle, a 1.7 oz spray bottle and 2 mini cream containers. The bottles are the perfect size for travel, making airport security a breeze. The bottles are also dorm bathroom essentials for quick trips to the shower. Just fill up the bottle with shampoo and don't worry about lugging a huge bottle down the hall!
  8. Cotton Ball Holder - When traveling from dorm to bathroom, it's hard to organize everything in a shower caddy. And not everything can get wet! The Cotton Ball Holder is dorm room and bathroom necessity in college. It will keep cotton balls dry and within reach. Nothing is worse than forgetting an essential beauty tool. This holder makes sure students have everything they need on hand to get ready each day.
  9. Shaving Cream Sheets - With 50 Sheets in one pack, you can have the soft shaving cream you need without carrying a huge bottle around. Just add water to this handy sheet!
  10. Cotton Swab Accessory Case - The Q-Tip holder is just as essential of a dorm supply as the cotton ball holder. It keeps cotton swabs dry, but on hand to complete any students beauty routine.
  11. Pill Case - This handy pill case keeps prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine neatly organized with other toiletries. The Microban material is waterproof and prevents bacteria growth, so this case can be popped into a shower caddy and used alongside other dorm bathroom essentials.
  12. 3 oz Locking Spray Bottle - A spray bottle is a convenient dorm supply many incoming students overlook. The 3 oz size of this bottle is perfect for air travel or a trip to the dorm bathroom. The top locks, so there won't be any leaks on the other toiletries in the caddy. The locking spray bottle is a dorm room and toiletry essential for spraying water or hair products!
  13. Manicure Set - College life can get stressful. It's hard to juggle classes, friends and clubs. But the easiest way to relax and unwind is to pamper yourself. A college dorm essential for girls, this manicure set is the ultimate way to recreate that fresh from the nail salon feel, right in the dorm room. The set comes with a nail file, cuticle scissors, cuticle pusher and nail clipper, so nails will also be clean and well kept.
  14. $5.00 DormCo Gift Card - DormCo knows students can never have too many dorm bathroom supplies! With this $5.00 gift card, students can pick up those last minute toiletry items.

Optional add-ons:
  1. Shower Sandals - With so many people sharing one bathroom, the floors of community dorm showers get gross fast. The last thing a student should do is walk on those floors with bare feet. Shower sandals protect students feet from the unknown germs on the floor. Feet will stay comfortable and clean in a set of shower shoes. They are essential for any student living in a college dorm!
A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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