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Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit
7 Piece Dorm Essentials Kit Includes: College Laundry Bag, Dorm Poster Dots, College Bedside Shelf, College Bathroom Carrier, Dorm Spray, Dorm Microwave Bowls, and 3 in 1 Detergent

Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit

Top Feature include:
  • 7 Dorm Essentials every dorm can't do without!
  • Includes: Shower Caddy, Laundry Bag, Bed Post Shelf, Dueling Cooker (or Hot Pot), Dorm Scent, WashEZE & Poster Dot N Go.
  • These items will actually be used throughout the semester
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
Retail Price $68.88
Student Discount Price $46.77
You Save: $22.11

Dorm Co. Tip: Gift Packs beat picture frames any day of the week

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DORMCO-2012KIT2

Package Contains: Laundry Bag

Package Contains: Laundry Sheets

Package Contains: Laundry Sh:

Package Contains: Room Scent

Package Contains: Bedding Accessory

Package Contains: Dorm Eating Accessory

Package Contains: Dorm Eating*:

Choose Your Caddy / Shower Tote Set

Package Contains: Glue Dots

Are you an upcoming college freshman that is looking for essential college supplies for your dorm room? Do you know a high school graduate heading off to college and you want to give them a helpful high school graduation gift? At DormCo, we want to make it easy to find everything a college freshman would need for their college dorm, and that includes the little dorm accessories that are sometimes forgotten. Between your dorm room furniture, Twin XL college bedding, textbooks, and more, the items in our Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit may be overlooked. Fortunately, this college kit will help you get dorm items you need in one easy step, so there is one less thing you need to worry about before heading off to college! This high school Grad Gift Pack includes (7) important college items that will make dorm life a little bit easier.

With the Poster Dot N Go, you can easily hang up your dorm posters and pictures. The Jumbo Laundry Bag is a dorm necessity, as it is an extra large college laundry bag that will help you hold your dirty clothes before you finally have to wash them and you can use the WashEZE laundry sheets when that time comes. If you have bunk dorm beds, or you just want to keep your college stuff easily within reach on your extra long Twin bed, you need a Bed Post Shelf! This sturdy shelf attaches to your college bed post for easy access. Make dorm life less complicated with the Pop Up Dorm Caddy (perfect for carrying your college toiletries) and the Dueling Cooker (great when you can't decide and need to cook two different foods at once). And, since dorm rooms can get a little stinky, pick the dorm room scent that sounds best to you to freshen it up every now and then!

Pack Includes:

Poster Dot N Go - Hangs all your posters and pics with ease!
Jumbo Laundry Bag -
A must-have item for all dorm dwellers. Choose your color.
Bed Post Shelf -
Keeps your items bedside within reach.
Pop Up Dorm Caddy -
Holds your bathroom toiletries. Upgrade to the TUSK Deluxe Mesh Shower Tote to hold even more!
Dorm Scent -
Keeps your dorm room smelling fresh. Choose the scent you like best for your dorm room.
Dueling Cooker -
Cooks two of your favorite dorm food items at once! Upgrade to the Hot Pot, a must for cooking fast snacks/meals in a dorm.
WashEZE -
3-in-1 detergent, softener & dryer sheet... simple for college students.

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