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Zebra with Green Trim Dorm Organizer
Zebra with Green Trim Dorm Organizer Dorm Essentials Must Have Dorm Items

Zebra with Green Trim Dorm Organizer
Top Features include:
  • Large Main Storage Compartment
  • Mini storage pockets on all sides, 4 on each side, 16 total
  • Lightweight and Durable construction
  • Keep your cosmetics and other dorm items organized in your dorm room!
Retail Price $14.99
Student Discount Price $5.45
Sale Price: $2.50
You Save: $12.49
Dorm Co. Tip: More bags make move-in and move-out day easier
Dimensions: 9"L x 8"W x 7"H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: APRLFI-HY009-2006-G

Carrying your cosmetics and hair products from your college dorm room to the dorm bathroom isn't very easy. You don't want to walk back and forth plenty of times and waste time from your morning routine. However, the alternative is that you carry everything in your hands and arms and end up dropping bottles, brushes, and eyeshadows all over the dorm hall. This is even worse than making multiple trips - you'll end up breaking a lot of eyeshadows and getting your brushes dirty. Avoid all of that hassle by keeping all of your cosmetics and hair products in our Zebra with Green Trim Dorm Organizer.

Zebra with Green Trim Dorm Organizer will allow you conveniently carry all of the dorm items you need for your morning routine in one dorm storage solution. This dorm essentials item has 16 pockets around the outer edges, allowing you to keep your brushes in good condition and not lose any eyeliner pencils. In the center of this dorm organizer is a large open top square that is perfect for your hair products and larger cosmetic items. This dorm tote doesn't just have handles to make carrying easier, it also has a cool looking design to add to your dorm room decor while it sits on top of your dorm dresser or dorm desk! With a cool looking zebra pattern with green trim, you can't go wrong with this dorm organizer.

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