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Dorm Snoozies - Blue Zebra
Dorm Snoozies - Blue Zebra

Dorm Snoozies - Blue Zebra

Top Features include:
  • Neither slippers nor socks, they're comfy foot coverings!
  • Brushed fleece exterior and soft Sherpa fleece inside
  • Non-skid sole, machine washable
  • Keep feet off that cold, hard, and often dirty dorm room floor!

**Check out our video below for a rap song all about the crazy comfort of these Snoozies!**

Retail Price $17.95
Student Discount Price $12.99
You Save: $4.96
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm floors are clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SNOO-SP14-WAN1-445G


Well, we haven't seen a blue zebra before either, but there's no denying that these Dorm Snoozies - Blue Zebra have a cool design that can add to your college decor. Simply by putting on these foot coverings, you'll help your dorm floors look better, even if you already have a cute rug for college. While perhaps it's debatable if wearable college items can count as dorm decorations, what can't be denied is that these Snoozies will bring comfort and softness to your feet. During colder months, they're just the college supplies you'll need.

Snoozies are neither slippers nor are mere socks. They're a foot covering that will keep feet happy. Even when it's not as cold out, these Snoozies still make useful college products since they're able to keep your feet clean too. Bare feet and socks can get dirty on dorm floors because, even if you do keep your dorm floor clean and even if your school vacuumed, such small livings spaces are prone to get dirty, especially when you're going to and from class all day. So when you're in your dorm, keep feet covered and keep them comfy; add Snoozies to your dorm stuff to do the job!
Snoozies are that soft and comfy that they're worthy of their own rap!

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