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Textured Grip Can Opener
Useful For Quick Meals - Textured Grip Can Opener - Basic But Necessary

Textured Grip Can Opener

Top Features include:
  • Large turning mechanism with textured grip
  • Essential dorm supplies item for all college students
  • Dorm food includes a lot of canned items - be prepared
  • A good add-on addition to any high school grad gift

Retail Price $9.99
Student Discount Price $6.96
You Save: $3.03
Dorm Co. Tip: stock up on canned food upon dorm move in day

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: E2-4-8-3522

Dorm rooms don't come equipped with separate storage pantries for food, yet there are still plenty of places to keep a small collection of canned goods. You are somewhat limited as to what you can achieve or eat with most dorm room meals, but canned goods will always provide an easy dorm meal alternative. Including a bunch of cans of food with your college stuff will do you no good, however, if you don't have a basic can opener! Don't forget to put a cheap can opener like this Textured Grip Can Opener on your college shopping list. You have to get pretty creative to try and open a can without a can opener.

After a while, you're bound to get tired of those cafeteria meals and of the restaurants in your area. While canned food might not seem like a very exciting alternative, it can be a lot better than what your school's serving up some nights! And don't just think you can take an extra can opener from your kitchen drawer back home. Buy a new one to add to your dorm stuff, since old can openers tend to not function very well, leaving you frustrated and covered in baked beans sauce! While a can opener is a basic dorm item, it's one that's well worth including.

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