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Deluxe Soft Grip Can Opener
Deluxe Soft Grip Dorm Room Can Opener Cheap Essential Dorm Supplies for College Students


Deluxe Soft Grip Can Opener

Top Features include:
  • Large turning mechanism with soft grip
  • Essential dorm supply for college students
  • A good add-on addition to any high school grad gift
  • Dorm food includes a lot of canned items - be prepared!

Student Discount Price $7.19
Dorm Co. Tip: Stock up on canned foods and soup for dorm room dinners!

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Product Code: KI-BB990


If you’re living on campus, even if you have a college meal plan, you should still anticipate eating at least a few meals in your college dorm room. There may be times when your college cafeteria is closed, or you just don’t feel like walking across campus to grab a bite to eat. That is why we recommend having a few basic dorm meals ready to go, just in case you need to refuel without leaving your dorm room. Ramen noodles are a classic dorm cooking basic, but what if you want to mix it up? Canned ravioli, chili, and soup are all shelf stable, microwavable meals that are easy for college students to cook in their dorm room.

However, you may have noticed that all of those meals also come in a can! That means you will definitely need to bring a can opener with you to college if you’re planning on having soup at any point in your college career. And let's be honest, if you get sick you may not feel like going to the campus health clinic when you could just heat up a bowl of chicken noodle soup instead. This simple can opener is a must-have dorm essential that college students almost always forget to bring! Go ahead and add this basic dorm cooking gadget to your dorm supplies list, so you won’t accidentally wake your roommate up at 2 AM while you’re trying to smash into that can of spaghettios without a can opener.

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