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Strap-A-Handle College Carrier
College Supplies for Moving Into College Strap-A-Handle College Carrier


Strap-A-Handle College Carrier

Top Features include:
  • 6-ft. carrying strap with soft foam handle
  • Simply strap around your move-in boxes and other dorm stuff for easier carrying
  • Supports up to 40 lbs. Strap it, snap the clip. and go!
  • Carry awkward or bulky items much more easily!

Retail Price $12.99
Student Discount Price $10.98
You Save: $2.01
Dorm Co. Tip: Make move-in day easier on yourself!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SAH-333002

The whole moving in part of move-in day at college isn't exactly the best part of the day. There's some real work involved! But when you're all packed up, make the process of carrying all your dorm stuff much easier on yourself by getting a firm handle on things. To do so, add the Strap-A-Handle College Carrier to your college essentials. You'll be left with loads of boxes and college supplies on the big day, so keep a firm grip on it all with this convenient college carrier. You can actually make the move-in process speedier and more convenient too, as you can carry more of your college stuff per trip by having a better hold on all that dorm stuff.

This carrying strap is very easy to install, and you'll find it useful even after move-in day at college. If you're taking a class, such as an art class, that requires extra supplies, don't be stuck carrying some awkward box of supplies all the way to the classroom. And if you plan on playing any sports in college, you'll be carrying all sorts of college supplies, from water to your sports gear to other essentials. All that carrying is enough to wear you out if you don't have a good, comfortable grip on it all. And if you plan on buying some groceries off campus, you'll find this carrier strap to be one of your most useful college items. In short, it's a cheap dorm supply that will come in handy more than few times during dorm life.

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