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College Fridge Bin with Handles
Needed For Dorm Mini Fridge - College Fridge Bin - Keep Food Separate


College Fridge Bin with Handles
  • Keep your communal fridge organized
  • Help keep your stuff separated from your roommate's
  • Without organization, food gets buried and forgotten
  • Plastic drawers are easier to clean than entire shelves

Student Discount Price $14.51
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep food organized to prevent forgetting about leftovers
Dimensions: 8" x 12" x 3.5"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: KI-GE754

It can be quite frustrating when you go to enjoy your leftovers or snacks in your dorm fridge and you discover they're gone. The culprit? Your roommate! But don't let a few dorm snacks start any wars. If you guys have established that you don't want to share food, keep your food separated in your dorm fridge. The best way to do this isn't by trying to remember whose is whose. Instead, add this College Fridge Bin as part of your dorm organization supplies. Keeping your college stuff organized extends to your fridge, and food organization is critical if you don't want to end up eating your roommate's snacks and vice versa.

This handy plastic fridge bin is a basic yet practical dorm item. Although mini-fridges for college have smaller interiors, it's still easy to lose food inside of them. This means your leftovers can go bad and forgotten food will become less-than edible after a few weeks! It's not an ideal situation, and it's a big waste of food and money. So keep things in an easy-pullout bin to help you keep better track. Plus, when it comes to clean that dorm mini-fridge, it's much easier to pull out a bin and clean than it is to wipe down the whole inside of your college fridge!

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