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Snap Dorm Cubes - The Spare Closet
Snap Dorm Cubes - The Spare Closet


Snap Dorm Cubes - The Spare Closet

Top Features include:
  • Cube pieces snap together for simple building and solid shelves
  • Lightweight, plastic-sheet shelves are more practical than heavy shelves
  • Easy assembly - no tools required - Handy clothes-hanging bar
  • Extra closet space and clothes storage is essential for college students

**Check out our video below to see just how much you can fit inside these convenient Snap Dorm Cubes.**

Retail Price $39.90
Student Discount Price $27.66
You Save: $12.24
Dorm Co. Tip: Shelf holds up to 26 lbs.
Dimensions: Width 28.5", Height 43", Depth 14" (Front To Back)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours


While it shouldn't serve as your only closet, who can fit all of her clothes in that little dorm closet that you'll be given? It can be tough. Instead, add this Snap Dorm Cubes - The Spare Closet to your college supplies list. This handy dorm storage shelf is the perfect mini extra closet. It has a hanging bar for hanging more clothes and also has separate storage compartments with handy doors. Even if you try and cram all your clothes in the little closet space that you'll be given, you're bound to encounter wrinkled clothes and have a tough time sorting through that mess if you jam everything in. Instead, expand that closet with this extra closet for dorms.

In addition to keeping folded clothes in the compartments toward the left side of this mini closet, you can keep other dorm stuff, from extra snacks, to school supplies, to those beloved books! The bottom line is, storage space is required for your dorm room, and it takes some dorm shelves and good, college furniture to ensure you have somewhere to keep all that stuff. The floor doesn't count as proper storage space, so keep your clothes and dorm essentials properly stored and off the floor.

* Hangers not included

Snap Cubes ... Easy and Simple Storage!

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