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Snap Dorm Cubes - Dorm Dresser
Snap Dorm Cubes - Dorm Dresser


Snap Dorm Cubes - Dorm Dresser

Top Features include:
  • Cube pieces snap together for simple building and solid shelves
  • Lightweight, plastic-sheet shelves are more practical than heavy shelves
  • Easy assembly - no tools required - Can Fit In Dorm Closet
  • Some dorms don't even provide dressers! Extra clothes storage is a must for college students

**Check out our video below to see just how much you can fit inside these convenient Snap Dorm Cubes.**

Retail Price $39.95
Student Discount Price $16.50
Sale Price: $8.50
You Save: $31.45
Dorm Co. Tip: Shelf holds up to 26 lbs.
Dimensions: Width 29", Height 29.5", Depth 14" (Front To Back)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours


Some dorm rooms come with dressers. Some do not. Either way, you might very well need some extra space to store your clothes. For that purpose, you'll find our Snap Dorm Cubes - Dorm Dresser to be one of your most useful dorm items. This dorm organizer and storage supply will help you to keep extra clothes off the floor and properly stored. Of course, it doesn't have to be used as a dresser, as, if you need some extra space for school supplies and other dorm stuff, it's a multi-use college product. Its handy door flaps will also allow for some extra privacy.

Its compact size still allows you needed extra storage space, but this snap-tight dresser won't be as big, bulky, and heavy as regular college furniture. Its plastic-sheet shelves are surprisingly durable, and overall it will be much easier to manage than most dorm furniture supplies. So no matter which college supplies you store within this dresser for dorms, the added space won't be going to waste!

Store it all in these cool cubes! Check out the video if you're preparing for your own upcoming adventure!

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