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Snap Dorm Cubes - Tower Organizer
Snap Dorm Cubes - Tower Organizer


Snap Dorm Cubes - Tower Organizer

Top Features include:
  • Cube pieces snap together for simple building and solid shelves
  • Lightweight, plastic-sheet shelves are more practical than heavy shelves
  • Easy assembly - no tools required
  • Limited-floor-space, vertical storage tower that's great for all sorts of dorm items!

**Check out our video below to see just how much you can fit inside these convenient Snap Dorm Cubes.**

Retail Price $38.98
Student Discount Price $14.18
Sale Price: $7.29
You Save: $31.69
Dorm Co. Tip: Shelf holds up to 26 lbs.
Dimensions: Width 14.5", Height 58", Depth 14.5" (Front To Back)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours


Since floor space will be limited in your dorm room, you'll have to start building upward! With this Snap Dorm Cubes - Tower Organizer, you can add needed storage space and shelf space for your college supplies without having to sacrifice floor space. Amid your twin XL bed, your dorm desk, and a small dresser that your school may or may not have provided, there isn't a whole lot of room to spare in a dorm. Regardless, storage space will still be essential. By adding storage layers, you'll have a handy, tall shelf for your snacks, videogames, flatware, school supplies, textbooks, and more. These lightweight plastic-sheet shelves are surprisingly strong.

Since floor space will be scarce, you'll make the situation only worse if you let your college supplies become strewn about on your floor! Keep that dorm organized to keep college life convenient and to help keep up the appearance of your room. Yet it will be hard to stay organized and clean if you don't have any dorm storage supplies like a good dorm shelf. With its easy-to-assemble pieces and low cost, this college item will solve that issue. Place one in the corner of your room, and watch your dorm storage space grow!

Store it all in these cool cubes! Check out the video if you're preparing for your own upcoming adventure!

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