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Shelf Supreme Caster Wheels
Shelf Supreme Caster Wheels Dorm Essentials Dorm Necessities

Shelf Supreme Caster Wheels

Top Features include:
  • Matches The Shelf Supreme line
  • Includes 4 wheels
  • Provides a movable base for the shelf supreme
  • Change up your dorm room arrangement with your shelf supreme whenever you feel like it!
Retail Price $10.96
Student Discount Price $9.42
You Save: $1.54
Dorm Co. Tip: Wooden shelving adds to dorm room decor while providing a shelf cover to adjustable shelving!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

You may not want your college dorm room to be organized the same way throughout the college year. You may want to change it up every so often, even if it's just once a year. If you have a Shelf Supreme, you may wish this was a little easier and find yourself asking your roommate to help you move it. However, with our Shelf Supreme Caster Wheels, you can move that dorm essentials item on your own.

Shelf Supreme Caster Wheels fit in our Shelf Supreme Adjustable Shelving Unit to provide greater portability. This dorm necessities item will allow you to move your Shelf Supreme around your college dorm room without problem. Simply slip the caster wheels into the bottom poles of the dorm organizer, and you're set! Organize your college dorm room with ease to change up your dorm room decor with our Caster Wheels.

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